About Us | Hedley & Bennett // Handmade Chef Gear


Our Mission:

To design the world’s best workwear & build a community in the kitchen and beyond.

You’ll find Apron HQ just south of downtown Los Angeles. It’s a 16,000 square feet playground/office/showroom where we think up designs, test fabrics, invite chefs & other professionals in for R&D and throw events. Think Willy Wonka meets Julia Child!

Our Story

Everyday, all over the world, chefs, artisans, dreamers and doers wake up and get to work. They throw on an apron and our job is making sure that apron is the best damn apron possible. Ellen, our Apron Lady and the founder of Hedley & Bennett started out working as a line cook at 2 restaurants in Los Angeles. It was on the line she saw how she could design a beautiful and functional apron. We’re lucky to be outfitting some of the best chefs & makers in the world and push ourselves to design better and more kick ass work wear for everybody!

Our team