A Day In The Life // Meet Tori, our Marketing Director

This week, we've decided to feature bad ass women in workwear... Namely some of the cool ladies that work at the H&B headquarters. Because ladies run the world... a lot of them are also helping run this company! 💪🏻
Meet Tori, our marketing director and mountain biking extraordinaire. She's known for her love of comedy in all formats, propensity for pranks, and appetite for business books. This is what a Wednesday at H&B can look like...
5:25 AM- Turn off my chirping bird alarm and start heating up some water for my Aero Press. I’ve always been an early-riser (for better or worse). Rumor has it, as a 3 year old in the pre-24/7 television age, I would be found at 430/5 AM in the family room staring at the SMPTE color bars awaiting PBS programming to commence. This is equally embarrassing and oddly reflective of my personality…
5:45-6 AM- Black coffee + schedule newsletter for the morning with the most recent marketing team edits and approved subject line. Anyone that works in e-commerce understands how frequently last minute changes + edits happen with marketing outflow and this newsletter is no different. I’m sharpest in the morning, and prefer to do my final sign-offs first thing and solo. 
6-9 AM- Mountain Bike. One of the many blessings of living in Pasadena is the plethora of local trails that are under 10 minutes away. I grab my helmet and head over to Brown Mountain for my daily dose of adrenaline + stress management. 
9-9:30AM- No crashes, so today is going to be golden. I check in to see how our newsletter + online sales are doing to make sure everything is on track and no glitches are firing up. 
9:30 AM- Breakfast. Oatmeal, Olive Oil, Honey and Salt. Same thing everyday. I know it sounds weird, but give it a try. Breakfast of (mediterranean-food-loving) champions.  
10-10:30 AM - Epsom salt bath + Real Simple Mag + New Yorker. This is something I do 3+ times a week. Self care yo. 
11:15-12 PM- Commute. I oscillate between NPR and listening to Alt- J (their latest ‘Deadcrush' is king and frequently on repeat).
12PM Flex Day-The fabulous result of working for such a creative company. Every Wednesday our marketing team works an alternative schedule from 12- 8:30PM. This allows us quiet, secluded time to brainstorm without the hustle and bustle that comes with normal business hours. We blast hip hop music while we all plug in and get work done, have team dinners, and a purpose-driven brain storm session. I’ve found that most of our best work has come out of Wednesday night musings. It is also arguably my favorite work day of the week.
5 PM- Marketing ‘family dinner’. We peel out of our marketing room to our kitchen (another rad H&B perk) and all get down and dirty cooking our meals. 
We typically eat together a little later in the night, but the marketing team made their monthly goal and our reward is to go to an Apron Squad restaurant ‘on’ H&B. 
This month, we carefully selected Evan Funke’s new joint Felix off of Abbot Kinney. We have been eyeing the menu for weeks in preparation and have gone through a few short lists, but finally settled on our order.
We decide to make a quick snack as a team to tide us over for our later reservation. We joke that each of our meal choices is a reflection of our eclectic personalities. 
Our Brand Manager, Diane is a Blue Apron girl, which demonstrates her yen for consistent dietary variety. 
Our Lead Designer, Ryan is a Trader Ming's boy, but has been known to experiment with bruschetta. 
Our Content Creator, Tiffany has a thing for salads.
I am a pretty functional eater, and may or may not have acquired the nickname ‘DJ Basil Beef’.
5:30-7:30 PM Kendrick Lamar is blasting. Newsletters, Product Launches, Digital Ads, and Copywriting are all done by their respective team member. Our marketing room is pulsing. 
7:30-8:30PM- BRAIN STORM. Tonight’s topic of discussion: is sock designs for our upcoming sock collaboration with Richer Poorer launching this Fall. We created this colorful, rad design meant to handle the specific needs for chefs on their feet everyday. We vote on the final four and pass it back to production. 
9 PM-Felix. No words. Oh man. Evan Funke is god. Start with the Deacon Blues. Our team went all out and I hope to be back within the month. You can read more here
11 PM- Bed. I give our Shopify a final pass and turn-in for the night. I usually throw on a podcast for background and am out within minutes. 
*Full Disclosure*- a list of things that ‘should’ have been done today, but didn't quite make it on the ‘dones' list’:
-Grocery Shopping (NEED more oatmeal)
-Dry cleaners
-an hour of reading 
-a phone call with my best friend
-sending my dad a goofy selfie of me with my bike at the summit (it’s a West Family thing…)
-10-15 emails that didn't get out
-scheduling that damn Global Entry interview
-stretching after my bike ride
-20 deep breaths after our product launch calendar meeting
-updating my phone to the latest iOS (when will they stop??)
Tori is rockin' our short sleeve work shirt in AUBERGINE