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H&B cochon

1.   Hometown: Sheridan, OR - population 500 (not joking, but it has since grown to about 3000)

2.   Quick: you throw a spontaneous dinner party with 5 of your friends- what do you make? Oh man I do not skimp on dinner parties even if they are spontaneous. I would just start digging through my cookbooks and make several courses, starting with a bomb charcuterie board and of course including pasta and wine.  

3.   Favorite apron: The original Poketo apron (polka dots!) 

4.   Go-to LA restaurant for Brunch: Canele in Atwater Village. It is the greatest! And honestly their dinner menu is almost better than brunch. 

5.   Favorite Part of Working at H&B?: My clients and my co-workers who I love so much.

6.   If I’m not in the Factory, I’m…. EATING. HONESTLY. and then at Soul Cycle cuz I just ate everything. And then remodeling my apartment.

7.   The place you are dying to eat at… I have a long list so I can't really answer this with just one place. EMP has been on my list forever. I really want to eat at Brad Kilgore's new restaurant, Brava - his food amazes me. Internationally, Osteria Francescana - I just need to try it!  And I will always want to go back to Providence. Last one: I'm always dying to eat at Chi Spacca even though I basically live there nowadays. 

8.   Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten: brains @ Animal and they were tasty! 

9.   Country You Want to Visit: Peru because I want to eat everywhere in Lima, but I will always return to Italy any time I leave the country.

10. How do you take your coffee? a variety of ways depending on my mood

11. Person You Want to Have Coffee With: Anthony Bourdain. I actually want to spend all day with him and just talk to him about life. And then also my husband because I love him :) 

12. The best part about living in LA: That we are SO close to so many amazing parts of California and that San Francisco is just a 45 minute flight away!