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Hedley and Bennett

Meet Leslie O'Guinn, our #GetInTheKitchen grand prize winner this year!! She happens to be a local chef and was able to drop by and pick up her prizes. When she came, she threw on our newest apron (launching soon) pictured above. 

Hometown: Alta Loma, CA
Occupation: Chef 

Half the week I run my @harpandhen supper club. Weekly changing menu #eatyourvegetables; available for delivery, private dinner parties & personal chef services. A few days a week my family is Vibiana/Redbird kitchen in DTLA. I also do freelance work with a few select LA chefs/ restaurants. 

What inspired you to take the challenge?
I'm always in the kitchen cooking for others and I'm trying to make time to actually cook for ME! For those that don't work in a kitchen this sounds like it would be easy. For those that DO work in this industry, you know the struggle is real.

What was your favorite part of GITK/dish you made? 
Definitely my Winter Waldorf Salad. 
I did it for week 2 of @saladforpresident challenge: eat your vegetables for breakfast. Classic flavor profile for a reason but needed a makeover, I added smoked duck and champagne and it was Vegetables for BRUNCH... Or it might have been the Some Crust Bakery, German chocolate cake from week 2, @gavinkaysen challenge to eat at a restaurant more than 15 years old. Any reason for CAKE!
What is a different resolution that you have for 2017?
I typically don't make resolutions, but I'm sure it would be the same as others... Eat better & travel more... Not necessarily at the same time though lol. Right now I'm planning a trip back East to visit one of my best friends from college... I am also planning on eating a copious amount of my favorite pretzel dough pizza while I'm there!
Favorite H&B apron? 
Pick a favorite?! That's like asking me what's my favorite cookie?! I love all mine for different reasons. 
STRIPED BASS Apron would be one of my favorites, it is light weight & durable! Handles 10+ hours days with grace.
Special events (when I gotta look camera ready) I love my ANNA apron! Love the pink & beige color combo AND it's reversible which is great for the inevitable!... But I've been craving those wine aprons though.. BORDEAUX & ROSE! One of those might end up being my favorite!
Random/Fun facts about you:
1. Named our Saint Bernard rescue after a 90's tv show/character, Brisco County Jr. (Bruce Campbell)
2. Started a food game "hot hands, cold fork" Can't decide what sound good? I'll cook off menu. Do you want something hot or cold? Eat with your hands or fork? It always ends with a meal so pretty much everyone is a winner lol
3. Wrote & published a cookbook; EASY EATS & TIPSY TREATS vol. 1 California Cuisine. Super easy recipes, anyone can do with little to no planning ahead of time; Tipsy treat recipes are easy to execute as well and combine two of my favorite corruptions, desserts & drinks. 

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