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12 Questions with Hedley & Bennett Content Creator, Henry

1.   Hometown:

I tell everyone I'm from Cerritos because everyone knows the Cerritos Auto Square jingle, but I'm really from Artesia.

2.   Quick: you throw a spontaneous dinner party with 5 of your friends- what do you make? 

I'm the worst cook so I'd probably buy a few things of funky cheese, salami, and throw together a quick charcuterie.

3.   Favorite apron: 
That's a tough one, but definitely between Blackjack or Hickory.

4.   Go-to LA restaurant for Brunch: 

I may be biased, but Bakers & Baristas is probably my spot. It's literally down the street from me, and their pastry, coffee, and food program is pretty spot on.

5.   Favorite Part of Working at H&B? 

Definitely the people! Everyone's weird and fun in their own way, and the amount of creative juice flowing around is pretty amazing.

6.   If I’m not in the Factory, I’m....
...shooting at my other jobs and eating all the food after. If I'm not working, I'm probably annoying/ arguing with my 3 and 4 year old niece and nephew.

7.   The place you are dying to eat at… 

The House or Hong Kong Lounge 2 in San Francisco! The first and last meal I had for my birthday last year and still thinking about it!

8.   Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten: 
Kangaroo sausage in Australia--HARD PASS.

9.   Country You Want to Visit: 

Japan for men's fashion and food, or Cambodia to visit the motherland!

10. How do you take your coffee?

Normally hot and black, unless I'm feeling big--in that case, with whole milk and sweetened over ice, maybe even a frappuccino (but don't tell any of my barista friends).

11. Person You Want to Have Coffee With: 

High school friends. Whenever we meet up for coffee it's like nothing's changed and I'm 17 again.

12. The best part about living in LA: 

EVERYTHING'S HERE--most importantly, FOOD.