Hedley & Bennett Employee Spotlight

12 Questions with Our Materials Magician, Garrett. 

  1. Hometown: Ashland, Oregon
  2. Quick: you throw a spontaneous dinner party with 5 of your friends- what do you make? Fried chicken and frozen french fries
  3. Favorite apron: Parsnip.
  4. Go-to LA restaurant for Brunch: Poppy Rose (biscuits and gravy off the chain) 
  5. Favorite Part of Working at H&B? Definitely the people, Buncha characters.
  6. If I’m not in the Factory, I’m….Either working on my clothing line, going out with my friends, or eating Korean barbecue with my girlfriend. 
  7. The place you are dying to eat at…Otium
  8. Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Eaten: Rocky mountain oysters. Look it up.  
  9. Country You Want to Visit: New Zealand 
  10. How do you take your coffee? with milk and sugar
  11. Person You Want to Have Coffee With: Aaron Rodgers
  12. The best part about living in LA: There's always something to do, coming from a small town it's astounding.


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Clarice Mckinney

December 28, 2019


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