Meet our Get in the Kitchen Challenge Team // Julie and Jesse

It's that time of the year again!!! A fresh start, a clean slate, a list of resolutions that we're all going to tackle with a renewed "eyes on the prize" mentality. Every January, we start off the year right with our Get In The Kitchen Challenge. It's a good way to help kickstart those resolutions that revolve around eating better/cooking at home more/eating less sugar/meat/carbs, cooking with family, the list goes on!!

This year, we've partnered with some powerhouses to create 3 solid challenges for you, our apron squad, to take on between Jan 10 - Jan 24th! 

Meet Jesse Tyler Ferguson + Julie Beth Tanous, the duo behind @juliejessecook with recipes like Sweet Potato Pie with Toasted Marshmallow Meringue and Hatch Green Chile Eggs breakfast casserole. Julie is a graduate of New York City’s Institute of Culinary Education and lives with her family and dog developing recipes in LA. She crossed paths with Jesse at the LA pop-up dinner for Spring Street Social Society, an organization devoted to bringing "people together in unexpected spaces." They bonded over musical theater, love of food and they even claim, their love for H&B aprons! They started their website and the rest is history. 

Photo: Julie & Jesse

"Our challenge is for you to make a healthy (or healthier) version of your favorite slutty recipe! It's time for a post-holiday reset. Also, that's what we're all about on our blog, Julie & Jesse - indulgent and healthy recipes. We think it's healthy to be a little bit of a slut every now and then." Check some of their favorite recipes here! 

Use our hashtag #GITK2018 to enter. For official rules, read this post!

Photo: Julie & Jesse