Our good friend and baking genius Joy Wilson aka Joy the Baker is releasing a new cookbook about one of our most favorite topics on the entire planet... BRUNCH. It's called Over Easy and it's got recipes for pretty much anything brunch related/adjacent.


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Eggs, pancakes, juices, breakfast salads... donuts, stuffed loaves of bread... it's a freakin' dream. We're so excited because she's about to hit the road on her book tour and she's taking along TWO CUSTOM aprons we collaborated on!

 joy the baker over easy cookbook brunch

The first one is a beautiful rust colored linen petite apron. Made with a crossback so it's comfy from the get-go. We loved this super soft, lightweight linen fabric, beautifully subdued.

apron collab joy the baker

The second is a great twist on our Turbot, with a pop of bright yellow that reminds us of a perfectly runny egg yolk. They'll both be available online at www.hedleyandbennett.com come Monday. Stay tuned!!



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the hundreds apron hedley and bennett los angeles

It's not everyday you get to collaborate on an apron with a brand like The Hundreds. Clever, informed and bad ass. Meaning the apron that gets churned out of the combined minds here at Apron HQ and The Hundreds is exactly that. Made with a sturdy 10 oz. jet black duck canvas, it was screenprinted at their facility with the logo and their signature Adam Bomb is tucked beneath the towel loop. The bucket pocket and cell phone pocket are lined with a hidden camo print for extra 💥

The founders Bobby and Ben have been cruising through LA with the aprons for some of our favorite chefs - check it out here!

Check out the video they made here at HQ, featuring "Old Man" Miller!

 To buy, click here.


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When we were approached by Schoolhouse Electric to do a collaboration, we JUMPED at it. We love working with brands who have a strong sense of aesthetics and style. Designing an apron means marinating those elements together and seeing what comes out. We're really excited about this one!

schoolhouse electric apron

The apron, great for chefs, artists and craftsmen, is made with a sturdy duck canvas and features a bunch of pockets and a towel loop!

Read more about it and purchase it here!



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The code name for this project was "GREATEST COLLABORATION IN THE UNIVERSE" Yup, like that, in all caps. In what is probably one of the most natural partnerships ever, we teamed up with our friends at Bon Appetit Magazine to create a beautiful freakin' apron that they've paired up with a gift subscription.

Hedley & Bennett Chef Apron Designed Collab Bon Appétit

It's a steal at $85 for the year + the apron + a portion of the proceeds go to Charity: Water, and it's available on their website!

Bon Appétit Apron

Here's what our friends had to say!

"We're not just talking any ol' apron. We collaborated with designers Hedley & Bennett for the Armani of aprons: crisp, American-milled light blue cotton with contrasting patriotic navy and red stitching around angled pockets and custom triangle accents. Top chefs across the globe wear H&B, so putting one on is basically like Superman slipping into his cape."

We are seriously blushing so hard. Major props to our brilliant apron designer, Allie for working on this amazing apron with them! This is amazing! Get one for everyone on your squad!!


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Imagine one of your favorite shoe companies coming to you because they want to work together on some sweet aprons.. Cut to NEW BALANCE. And they want to collab on some freakin' aprons! You then proceed to nod your head yes as you send over an enthusiastic "hell yea!" And get to work!

That's PRETTY MUCH what happened. We put our noggins together and designed some bad ass work wear in the spirit of innovation and "Our goal is to help you achieve yours" which also happens to be their company motto.

These bad boys are going to outfit some of New Balance's shoe makers and features a new hybrid leather to webbing cross-back we created just for the occasion. The pockets were designed thoughtfully with all the tools of a master shoe maker in mind. Slanted, a square pocket divvied into 5-pen pockets, custom bucket pockets.... it's got it all!

We LOVE doing collaborations like this. If you can dream it, we can make an apron out of it. Woohooo!


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We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Gray Malin! The Limited Edition Gray Malin X Hedley & Bennett Nude Beach Apron has arrived. Inspired by Gray's 'Barcelona Nude Beach' print - we brainstormed and came up with the coolest of cool aprons that will make everyone everywhere want to be in the kitchen.

Photos by Courtney Perkins

Rewind a second to before when this collaboration even started. Gray Malin, who's taken off like crazy in the world of photography in the last few years meet Ellen Bennett who's taken off like crazy in the world of aprons in the last few years. Gray's known for his aerial shots of the raddest beaches known to man. Umbrella after umbrella after umbrella and you kind of hiccup for a second you want to be vacationing there so bad. Ellen's known for her aprons that, at this point, are worn proudly by hoards of the most badass chefs in the world.

Photo by Courtney Perkins

Ultimately, the common ground wasn't so much about product. It's how spectacular it is to work with people cut form the same cloth. Take a look at Gray's images from the Parker. Or picture a day in the life of an #apronsquadmember at H&B, with repeated rides down the zip-line wearing aprons around your neck like a cape. Every day, and I mean every single one is a freaking adventure. Gray's work, his energy, his shoes, all scream adventure. H&B finds it in literally everything we do. Go find it, create it, relish it.

We hope you enjoy this apron as much as we do. To cooking in style and having a shit ton of fun!

Photo by Courtney Perkins

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #GMxHB #nudechef GIVEAWAY!! The winner is.....IVANSOCAL!!!

We can't wait to see all the beautiful foodie photos you take in your very own Nude Beach Apron! Also... we gotta get Martha in one!!!!



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Celebrating 10 amazing years as hands down one of the best burgers in the world; April Bloomfield, David Chang, Andrew Zimmern, Daniel Boulud, and Daniel Humm helped create special edition burgers for Shake Shack’s “Decade of Shack” event. They came up with some pretty spectacular and drool-inducing burgers, each expressing the chef’s own flavor and style. Each day, a different chef celebrated their featured burger and had pretty darn cool aprons to wear during this event thanks to H&B…

Our good friend Mark Rosati, Culinary Director to Shake Shack, was the brains behind the custom apron we made for Shake Shack during this “Decade of Shack” event which included the series of culinary collaborations with the world’s most famous chefs.

We custom dyed straps to match the signature Shake Shack green and incorporated a screen print of the “Decade of Shack” logo created specially for the event. These elements beautifully complimented the rich charcoal color of the 7.5 oz cone mill denim that we chose for the body. What an awesome event and we are so honored to have been a part of!

Go Shake Shack!!!

To many wonderful, burger-filled faces and years ahead!! Cheers!

Check out everyone wearing these aprons LOUD & PROUD at Shake Shack in Madison Sq Park:

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