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One of the best things to have on the table waiting for guests is a charcuterie board! Meats, cheese, fruits, veggies... basically something for everybody! Our friend, Joy Cho, who is an incredible super human and mamma to the two best babies, shares her method for putting together a mini spread!

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For the full recipe, read more: Oh Joy!
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100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.











You might have heard a little peep about 100 Layer Cake taking over the Apron Factory just a few short weeks ago. WELL they blogged about it and we want to re-live every minute of that gnocchi, those cocktails, and of course the amazing squad that gussied up and dined amongst the aprons.

100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.

100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.


Read more about this dinner collaboration at 100 Layer Cake: bit.ly/100LCxHBe

Music: instagram.com/djangofoxtrot/

Food: instagram.com/osterialabuca
Coffee: instagram.com/lacolombecoffee/
Cocktails: instagram.com/thewhalingclub
Wine: instagram.com/palminawines
Menus: instagram.com/petitserif/
Decor: instagram.com/sdsocialights instagram.com/casadeperrin instagram.com/yeahrentals

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