On our #IceCreamAndApronsForAll Road Trip (part 1) Ellen and Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams met with Mara Davis at the Atlanta's Farmers Market at Grant Park and talked about the maker community, social media and the concept of "the uniform!"

Tune in!

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The H&B Work Shirt from Hedley & Bennett on Vimeo.

Our H&B Work Shirt Now Comes in Chambray + Charcoal.
Because One Just Isn't Enough!


Preorder Yours Now!

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Last week, Ellen our Apron Lady met with Andrew Gooi of Food Talkies to talk about food memories. "When I'm cooking, it's almost like meditative." Watch as she talks about her grandmother's house and warm shepherd's pie.

Food From Home: Ellen Bennett from Andrew Gooi on Vimeo.

"This entire dish reminds me of my childhood."

Check it out the full recipe on the FoodTalkies website!



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What's the Hedley & Bennett secret sauce??? Is there even such a thing?

It's not a mystery. Just a ton of hustle and good 'ole fashioned elbow grease:

Sure, we love watching the Apron Squad continue to grow (over 1,500 restaurants...whew!!), but we also know we can maintain our ethics while we craft our kick ass aprons. It's never been an either/or with us. 

Here is one of our favorite videos of Ellen explaining the ethics behind H&B!

How We Operate: 

1. We keep it LOCAL. Our kitchen aprons and chef gear are made here in LA to nourish our local economy and workforce. Represent. 

2. We rely on recycled paper for EVERYTHING printed in the factory.

3. We use non-virgin material WHENEVER we can. 

But, what's the deal with non-virgin?

Two of our favorite creations are our green aprons, made from recycled beer and Sprite bottles. Instead of wearing new, virgin fabric, we repurpose non-virgin recyclables. You can now have your drink and wear it too, only with H&B! Holla. 

The Hedley &Bennett Woodstock Apron

The Woodstock Chef Apron, made with recycled beer and Sprite bottles. 

Hedley & Bennett Oolong Apron

The Oolong Apron, made with recycled Sprite bottles. 

At Hedley & Bennett, sustainability is KEY. Why waste the energy to create new materials, when we can reuse and repurpose what we already have?? 

The Woodstock Fabric Hedley & Bennett Apron

Here's what happens instead:

First, domestic bottles are collected and then melted down. The fibers are then spun into EARTHspun® certified recycled yarns and woven into a fabric. Punto. 

We get it. You have options when you choose which rad apron company you want to buy from. Just know, that with every H&B apron you invest in, you are supporting our domestic economy, you are supporting California MAKERS who craft quality aprons by hand, you are supporting ECO-FRIENDLY initiatives to preserve our environment. 

Ready for MORE info on what makes a Hedley & Bennett the (damn) finest of them all? Put your cursor here for the facts!!

Champing at the bit to make your first custom order??? We got you covered.  



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Valerie Bertinelli joins French chef extraordinaire, Ludo a la Maison in the kitchen as he shows us, we, you - how to cook rigatoni with a delicious spicy tomato sauce. It's making our mouths water just watching the intro portion!



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Have you ever wondered how culinary genius, Ludo à la Maison makes THE perfect French omlette? Well, look no further. Chef Ludo gives you the play by play in this mouth watering video. Oh, and see if you notice WHO he's wearing...



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Michael was one of our very first apron squad members and chefs to custom design aprons for his restaurant team. We are so proud to see him in this wonderful project for S.Pellegrino (and wearing our all black apron in it). He's a bad ass and a genius, and so we wanted to share these awesome videos!


S.Pellegrino Off the Menu - Chef Michael Voltaggio from Israel Beer on Vimeo.



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