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Throwing an Apron Squad Brunch



The best kind of brunch is: colorful/tasty/fun/easy/filled with great conversation. So how do you pull it all off seamlessly? For every great brunch you need a few essentials, music to set the tone, flowers or plants for the tables, places for people to hang out and or sit at. 

1. Food.

Starting with the charcuterie... Meats, cheeses, fruits, olives. Think textures and flavors of all varieties. Balance out the salty cured meats with the sweetness of the fruit and the crunchy textures of crackers and tomatoes. More is better, we say! Colorful, tasty and easy to throw together. Peep that Papaya Table Runner working it's magic as the backdrop!

Hedley & bennett linens

We had Howlin' Rays and boy, was it amazing. Spiciness at every level and the crunchy tangy pickles that were the freakin' "cherry" on top. Lots of different kinds of food is essential. It is a brunch after all!

Howlin' Rays


Favorite @mcconnellsicecreams in mini cones for dessert. // SNAPCHAT: bonnietsang #babyhenrishower

A photo posted by BONNIE TSANG (@bonnietsang) on


Also, don't use all the same types of serving platters. We use everything from cutting boards to napkins to hold the food or bread etc. You don't end up having to worry about every dish being the same style because you are adding height and texture to the whole damn table with all these different plates! 

2. Decor


When it comes to color palette, it's best to pick just a couple colors. We went with blush pink, turquoise, grey and whites. They balanced one another out very well and kept the shower looking festive but not gaudy. From there, we incorporated those colors and paired them with our table runners to bring color to places you wouldn't necessarily expect it!  



 When everyone arrived, they were running around with colorful aprons on. Always a bonus!!