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We're kicking off the year with our founder and creative directory, Ellen Bennett!

Quick Facts 

Hometown: Glendale, California
Experience: Cooked on the line at Baco Mercat & Providence
Current City: Los Angeles, California
Favorite/least favorite Ingredient: Citrus is my favorite ingredient, for sure. I can't say I have a least favorite because I know there's a recipe out there for it.. I mean it's not like I want to go home and chew on cardamom but I know it can fit into 20 other recipes and places in the world, so you can't discriminate on the little cardamom.
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Of all the dishes you make, which would you say has been the most challenging/inspiring?
Posole, because it's one of those things that really is "Keep adding more depth and layers as needed, but how do you say that in a recipe? Add just enough spice so that you feel like you're standing in your grandmother's kitchen. Take these chiles, roast them, blend them up..."I love when you're cooking and it has all these layers to it.


What is it you love best about getting in the kitchen?
I love that when I'm cooking, that's all I'm thinking about. I get the same feeling when I'm running or painting... that's what you're doing and there aren't 80 things on my mind like usual. It's a great way for me to focus and not worry about other things. When I'm done, I feel re-energized!


Because our "Get in the Kitchen Challenge" is inspired by New Year Resolutions, would you mind sharing one of yours for this year?
To use Hedley & Bennett as an even larger platform for good in the world.
To do the New York Marathon.
To push myself and my team continuously out of our comfort zones so that we can continue to grow.


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Alright, so what are your 2-3 challenges for this week? Any tips? 
1. Cook a SUPER colorful meal! Use chard, beets, squash, radishes, pumpkin, beans, persimmons, eggplants... Think veggies that aren't the typical color - blue potatoes & purple carrots.
2. Chose a country and cook a traditionally national dish. Gazpacho from Spain, pho from Vietnam, ceviche from Peru, cous cous from Morocco... the possibilities are limitless!!
3. Cook with kids! Get your #miniapronsquad in on the fun and whip up something healthy and easy for dinner.


Alright squad, so you have until January 8th to complete Ellen's challenges:
Post new creative photos inspired by our weekly challenges, and use the hashtag #GetInTheKitchenChallenge  & be sure to tag us @hedleyandbennett! You can follow along with Ellen @ellentheapronlady! Winners will be announced the following Monday here on our blog!



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Margie Edgar

January 06, 2017

I’ve posted my entry on Instagram under SailorMargie. I hope I did it correctly. Looking forward to winners and more challenges.

Hedley & Bennett

January 03, 2017

Hi Margie!
That’s awesome!! Yes, please post on Instagram and tag @hedleyandbennett and use the hashtag #GetintheKitchenChallenge

Can’t wait to see!

Margie edgar

January 02, 2017

Ok, I’ve been cooking up a storm, but I don’t know how or where to post my photos for the challenge this week. Do I do it on Instagram?


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