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The Apron Factory threw down for the holidays, celebrating with our team, their families, and a whole lotta delicious food.

Chef Brian Dunsmoor of Hatchet Hall boiled and grilled an ENORMOUS spread of a seafood boil onto our tables. We gathered around, sleeves rolled all the way up, and dug in deep to piles of smoky crawfish, spicy sausage, fingerling potatoes, corn on the cob, broccolini, the butteriest rolls, arugula salad, spicy peanuts, charcuterie, and some ice cold Miller Lite.

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Photos by Stacey Bode.

The Farmer Fund, located in Atlanta, Georgia, was founded in 2015 to support farmers who have faced natural disaster to keep them farming for America. The organization helps to rebuild and prevent from loss of equipment, livestock and crops from extreme weather conditions. 

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TONS of people have been asking me about my trip to Cuba. It's been a couple months, but it's better late than never. Here's the 411:

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Master of all things smoky barbeque, Adam Perry Lang is rep'ing Hedley & Bennett chef aprons with Jimmy Kimmel in his Hollywood backlot. WHOA!!!! We're SO excited to eat the best ribs from now through Thursday then AGAIN next week Tuesday - Thursday.

All the profits from this event are being donated straight to LA Kitchen - an AWESOME program working to put food waste into the hands of people that can use it while creating jobs and community.

So if the aprons themselves, nor the star-power, or even the smoky-ass Hollywood BBQ doesn't get you excited, do it for LA Kitchen!

Read more here on EaterLA

 Adam Perry Lang X Hedley and Bennett Aprons

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Being an Apron Squad member means you give a damn! You care about the details, all the way down to where your ingredients come from and how they're made and grown, and how they're sourced. So let me introduce you to a few Apron Squad members that not only give a damn but are total movers and shakers!

Spotlight #1 - The Grain MASTERS - Local farmers Alex Weiser, Jon Hammond and Kimmie Durham.

When I say grain, I don't mean regular old flour that you get at every grocery story on every street corner. I'm talking real, flavorful, Non-GMO Heritage Grains. The grains that the best of the best chefs use when making those pastas and breads and pastries that I almost fall over just thinking about. These three grain masters are starting a movement - -  building a local infrastructure to grow, harvest and promote Heritage Grains. Drought tolerant, delicious, and haven't been altered or hybridized.

Their recently launched project Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project, is raising funds to make this possible for them to purchase the expensive equipment necessary for harvesting, cleaning, and storing the ripened grain. This equipment will make their movement more like a giant leap instead of a tiny little step.

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November is going to be HUGE!!! Here is a rundown of all the amazing events we have lined up. Get your tickets and don't miss out on our #ApronSquadEvents!!!

Pie Pie Pie!!
A pie making workshop with Sarah Carey from the Martha Stewart's team.
November 10th 
Get Tickets Here!

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