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On a sunny day in April, our Apron Lady gathered some friends (Evan Funke of soon-to-open Felix, Farley Elliott - Senior Editor at Eater LA, Rebecca Merhej of Love & Salt, chef & recipe developer Julie Beth Tanous, Chris Oh of Hanjip, Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Lily of Kale and Caramel, Chef Fabián Gallardo of Petty Cash, and food lover & writer Heather Platt) and had them over at her Echo Park home to cook their hearts out,  play with Oliver the Apron Pig and have one of her epic #BennettBrunches. Fresh pasta was rolled out, a tomahawk steak was being grilled out on the deck and fresh salsa was being mortar-&-pestled... every kind of brunch dish imaginable made it's way to the crazy colorful table (take a sneak peek at those linens!)

Chef Evan Funke of Felix rolling fresh pasta

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Our friend Joanne Chang is a professional chef and boss lady. Her books, Flour and Flour, Too have a TON of awesome recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! There were honestly so many to choose from but we for the final day of our #ChronicleKitchen & #ApronSquad Book Week, we picked this beautiful, super colorful beet salad because it's almost summer time and this seems like the perfect dish for a picnic at the park or by the lake with your pet pig, you dig?

Blood Orange and beet saladwith toasted walnuts, goat cheese and blood orange vinaigrette - flour, too joanne chang

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It's mid-week and the long weekend is almost here... so for today's recipe from the #ChronicleKitchen, we give you Farmer's Chop Suey from Bar Tartine, an easy to put together dish that is colorful (because H&B, duh) and tasty af! Remember to peep the Instagram because we're doing a giveaway everyday this week! 5 books & 5 aprons paired together, and all you gotta do is follow @hedleyandbennett & @chroniclebooks and tag 3 friends! 

Bar Tartine Farmer Chop Suey

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Day 3 of #ChronicleKitchen x #ApronSquad Book Week brings us to everybody's favorite meal - BRUNCH. And one of our favorite books to pull recipes from is Huckleberry, who's mouth watering Instagram is enough to convince you to buy the book. Really #notkidding.

For today's recipe, we've gone with these incredible peach squares...because unlike Game of Thrones, SUMMER IS COMING!!!

Hucklberry Peach Squares

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Our second pick for our Instagram Giveaway with Chronicle Books this week is Gjelina, a cookbook capturing the flavors of Venice Beach with its recipes for trout, roasted kale and pizza with spinach, feta and garlic confit! Pair this baby with a Razor Clam apron and you're ready to whip up some truly Southern California fare for your friends. We picked an amazing Cherry Tomato Confit as the recipe today. We even made it last week for staff meal. Enjoy!

Cherry Tomato Confit - Gjelina

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As you might've seen on the 'gram (@hedleyandbennett) We've partnered up with Chronicle Books to give away an apron & cookbook everyday this week! Yep, ya heard right!  We're pretty excited since they have published some of the coolest cookbooks in the culinary world.  #copilots

So we're pairing the good books with Hedley & Bennett good looks and giving them away!!! One book and apron every day for five days and its REAL easy to enter. So hightail it over to our Instagram and tag your friends! (It's almost too easy!) And then we're also gonna post a recipe each day on the blog, because we are just fancy like that!

First up this week is Plenty, an awesome vegetarian cookbook by the mega amazing London chef Yotam Ottolenghi with gorgeous photos by Jonathan Lovekin. We chose a recipe that you could put together quickly, but not seem like it. Rich, but not decadent, the flavors go together like a boss.

Caramelized Fennel

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If pasta were a person, I'm pretty sure we'd be married. There's just something so inviting, comforting and honestly, transcendent about fresh pasta. Nothing in the world comes close, really...

Fresh pasta

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