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The Wake Up and Fight Mask Artist Series - Let Yourself Rest

H&B x Vans, Designed by Shirien Damra

Introducing the H&B Artist Series, an ongoing project that will feature the work of up-and-coming artists on limited-edition runs of our best-selling Wake Up & Fight Masks. 

These super comfortable, breathable, fully adjustable masks are designed so that you can insert a disposable filter within the fabric for an added layer of protection. Masks are one-size-fits most. Filters sold separately.

Our first collection features the work of social justice artist Shirien Damra, a Palestinian illustrator and designer based in Chicago. Available in two styles, sold individually.

Special thanks to our partner VANS for providing canvas in support of this launch, assisting in the production of more than 250,000 masks for future donations.

  • Beige Oxford Fabric: 55% Cotton & 45% Polyester 

  • How to Love Your Mask: Hand Wash. Lay Flat to Dry. Iron fabric body as needed, avoiding elastic straps.

*Pre-cut filters can be purchased from Think Crucial

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single pack : H&B x Vans, Designed by Shirien Damra
the-wake-up-fight-mask-gray-oxford-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-dark-blue-chambray-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-red-oxford-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-black-oxford-color
3 pack : H&B x Vans, Designed by Shirien Damra
the-wake-up-fight-mask-3-pack-gray-green-light-blue-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-3-pack-black-oxford-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-3-pack-dark-blue-light-blue-beige-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-3-pack-red-green-gray-color the-wake-up-fight-mask-3-pack-med-blue-gray-black-color
limited edition : H&B x Vans, Designed by Shirien Damra
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Artist Spotlight

Shirien Damra is as badass as they come. She grew up loud and proud in a Palestinian immigrant family and rocked the world this year with her serene portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, made in solidarity with the BLM movement. We’re proud to work with her on another important cause: beautiful masks that keep us safe!
Meet Shirien Damra
Follow Shirien and see more of her amazing artwork on instagram at @shirien.creates
Let Yourself Rest
Shirien created this work to remind us of the power of “real rest” and self-care. “Rest ultimately allows you to be in a stronger place to tackle whatever comes your way. It also gives you the energy you need to take over the world and make it a better place,” she says.
Women's Day
Of this illustration made for International Women’s Day, Shirien says: “When women support one another, believe one another, love one another and protect one another, beautiful things happen.… We need to take care of one another and take over shit.” We couldn’t agree more!
Meet Shirien Damra Let Yourself Rest Women's Day

350,000 masks donated, and counting.


We’ve never been ones to sit on the sidelines, so when the moment called for decisive action, we got busy retooling our apron factory to serve the growing need for masks. Every mask purchased contributes to our donation of masks to first responders and essential workers who have kept our communities running. We’ll keep fighting as long as they do.

Hedley & Bennett is handcrafted and built to last

We sweat the small stuff.
The perfect pocket. The perfect strap. The perfect stitch. Every detail matters in our H&B gear.

We obsess over function and quality.
We use only the highest integrity materials, meticulously sourcing the right fabric and hardware for the job. We don’t mess with anything less than the best.

Craftsmanship is our bread and butter.
Thirteen pairs of hands touch every single apron we make. And we only work with producers who put the same value on quality as we do.

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