Ellen’s Essentials | Kitchen Details Kit

I did a rough count and realized we have had over 80 dinners, brunches, lunches, picnics, photoshoots of picnics (ha, #Content) at my house since moving in there with Bean (aka my husband, Casey). And as my wonderful friends on and off the “gram” always do, they ask me questions about entertaining and I answer them.

I love setting the tone with the details when I’m hosting…light a candle, change out your grimey kitchen towel, hide your dish soap and put out the good stuff, then throw some nice herbs into a couple glasses next to the candle. Voila! Speedy cleanup for when you have friends coming over in 15 minutes!

- Ellen Bennett


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  • Parachute x H&B Linen Merlot Linen Napkins, Set of Four
  • Parachute x H&B 100% Cotton Kitchen Towels, Set of Two
  • Further 8oz Hand Soap
  • Further 9oz Candle