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Chef Aprons


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    Chef Aprons
    Hedley & Bennett’s chef apron designs were inspired by professional chefs aprons, meeting the heavy duty needs of our favorite culinary superstars. As restaurant industry professionals, we understood that chef aprons needed to be able to take a serious beating. Withstanding the hottest stovetops, the messiest spills, and anything else life in a hectic restaurant kitchen might throw your way, our chefs apron designs bring the professional excellence of chefs aprons into your home.

    You don’t need a chef hat and apron to be a professional, but a Hedley & Bennett apron can help make you feel like a real restaurant chef. Our creations are known as the best chef aprons, both for their stylish design options and the high level of functionality. All Hedley & Bennett chef's apron designs are chef aprons with pockets, so you can bring your kitchen essentials with you as you move through your cooking space. We make chef aprons formen and women, and even a kids chefs apron for the little cook in your life. Our heavy duty Waxman apron has the sturdiness of a traditional leather chef apron, allowing you to get messy in the kitchen without fear, but every chefs apron we design offers a high level of strength and protection.

    Let’s get personal. Our optional embroidery allows you to create a personalized chef apron for your favorite cook. Build the custom chef apron of your dreams by adding a name or initial to our custom chef aprons for a one of a kind design. It might not be a kiss the chef apron, but a Hedley & Bennett chefs apron will help you gain the affection of anyone lucky enough to come into your kitchen! Be sure to check out all of our aprons!