Ellen's Essentials

After years of being obsessed with all things food and bringing people together - first cooking in professional kitchens, then entertaining at home all the time like a crazy person, combined with a ton of brainstorming sessions in chefs kitchens, working with stylists, doing photo shoots, hosting #bennettbrunches where I’d invite tons of people over to my house and made them cook with a bunch of other strangers - I’ve filled my pockets with so many learnings, tips, tricks and a ton of products I love love love.  So I convinced my team to let me create a whole area dedicated just to bringing together all my essentials, my favorites and go-to’s so you can use them in your life too! We will continue to create more kits and add other new products I love as well. :)


Hopefully this will give you wings to cook, entertain, host and get in the kitchen more like the boss that you are.


xx - Ellen Bennett