The Heavy Duty Crossback Apron - Denver

For your longest, messiest days consider The Heavyduty Crossback Apron. Cut from the same, all-day-comfort patterns as our Crossback Apron, but made with workwear-approved fabrics and reinforced in all the right places, it’s as close as you can get to a full fledged cooking suit of armor.

  • Fabric Details: This 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric weighs in at 10 oz.

  • How to Love Your Apron: Machine Wash Cold. Hang to Dry or Tumble Low. Low Iron As Needed.
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Fit guide

Fit Guide

Compare an item you own to our detailed measurement chart using our instructions below. 

All measurements are garment measurements - take them on the garment lying out flat, not on the body. Please note actual garment measurements can vary +/- 1cm.

the heavy duty crossback
the-heavy-duty-crossback-apron-blackjack-color the-heavy-duty-crossback-apron-jack-color the-heavy-duty-crossback-apron-denver-color the-heavy-duty-crossback-apron-michael-gray-color
the all day crossback
the-all-day-crossback-apron-blue-moss-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-char-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-jack-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-abalone-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-bordeaux-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-pho-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-moss-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-midnight-color the-all-day-crossback-apron-denver-color
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Product Features

Look, we’re not rocket scientists, but it took the brightest minds in cookware engineering to make an apron so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. The Crossback Apron is just that, thanks to straps that take pressure off your neck and evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders and back.
Crossback Straps
No tension here! Crossback straps carry the weight of the apron across your back so you can wear an apron all day... without feeling like you’re wearing an apron all day.
Leather Patches to Reinforce Webbing
Triple Pen Chest Pocket
You could lose one and lend one to a bud and you’ll still have something to write with.
Leather Towel Loop
Anyone who grew up watching their grandparents fling a towel over their shoulder while cooking will appreciate this one.
Brass Rivets
Hard working and good looking, just like you.
Double Panel for Extra Protection
Reinforced where it counts; we’ve got you covered.
Crossback Straps Leather Patches to Reinforce Webbing Triple Pen Chest Pocket Leather Towel Loop Brass Rivets Double Panel for Extra Protection

We don’t just have your front. We’ve got your back.

Apron Squad Guarantee

When you’re in an H&B apron, know that we’re in it with you. Our products stand up to the harshest critics—our test panel of thousands of chefs. But the real test is your kitchen: Try H&B risk free, because guess what, we do free returns. We stand behind everything we make and want you to love our aprons as much as we do. That’s our #apronsquad guarantee.

Hedley & Bennett is handcrafted and built to last

We sweat the small stuff.
The perfect pocket. The perfect strap. The perfect stitch. Every detail matters in our H&B gear.

We obsess over function and quality.
We use only the highest integrity materials, meticulously sourcing the right fabric and hardware for the job. We don’t mess with anything less than the best.

Craftsmanship is our bread and butter.
Thirteen pairs of hands touch every single apron we make. And we only work with producers who put the same value on quality as we do.

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