Japanese White Containers

Manufacturing beautiful products for over 80 years, Noda Horo’s enamelware is the signature representation of the brand’s commitment to elegant design, style, food safety, quality, and even-heating efficiency.

A staple fixture in both home & professional Japanese kitchens, partly due to enamelware’s unique food safety qualities, these products have proven themselves as a standard bearer in the field of food preparation and storage.

With an easy to clean long-lasting glass coating that refuses environmental toxin emissions while keeping food fresh and germ-free, Noda Horo’s enamelware products, safe for use directly from the fridge into the oven, on a gas stove or even in the steamer, remind us that not all kitchen supply need be made from plastic.

Clean & simple. It is an excellent kitchen tool that assists in preparation, cooking, and preservation.

Body: Enamel
Lid: polybutylene terephthalate, silicone rubber
Country of origin: Japan  

WRA-M – Rectangle Shallow
Size (cm): 18.8W x 25.2D x 4.8H 
Capacity: 1.4L

Color: White

WRF-M – Rectangle Deep
Size (cm): 23w x 15.7D x 6.9H
Capacity: 850L
Color: White

WFM-L – Rectangle Deep
Size (cm): 23w x 15.7D x 6.9H
Capacity: 1.18L
Color: White


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