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Good olive oil can be used 100 ways from Texas - I love this one from Brightland because it was created with the intention of introducing an olive oil that not only isn’t rancid (a lot from the grocery store are), it’s organic, nutty and full of flavor in a way that a lot of oils fall quite flat. On top of that, it comes in glass bottle that is UV-powder coated to protect the oil from damaging light, plus looks sexy AF on your counter. Plus, it’s female founded! #YoureWelcome

- Ellen Bennett


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  • 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 12.7 fl oz
  • UV-Powder Coated Bottle
  • ALIVE: Nutty, green tomato, green almond, smooth.
  • AWAKE: Herbaceous, green, grassy, artichoke, complex.