Smock + Brightland Olive Oil Kit

This Mother’s Day, make her day even more delicious by pairing our super-popular Smock Apron with some of our favorite culinary finds. Our lightweight linen Smock, with its easy-to-slip-into crossback design and roomy lap pockets, is designed to give her room to move comfortably during all her home cooking and entertaining adventures. Choose one of our new Spring colors, Blue Maize, Cinnamon, and Sage! 

Pair it with California-grown Brightland Olive Oil, which tastes like sunshine in a bottle. The extra virgin olive oil is handcrafted in the Golden State from nothing but olives, so it’s super-pure, super-clean and perfect for drizzling on all her culinary creations.

Feel like going big for Mom this year? Add on The Wooden Palate’s black walnut serving board, handcrafted in L.A. just for Hedley & Bennett. It’ll become one of her favorite entertaining pieces. 

Will deliver by Friday May 10.  


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  • Smock Apron
  • Brightland ALIVE Olive Oil: Nutty, green tomato, green almond, smooth