The Wake Up & Fight Mask (20-Pack, Bulk Pricing)


We have the material. We have the know-how. We have the hustle. We are ready to wake up and fight. And we’re asking you to join us. 

At Hedley & Bennett, we’ve been considering what it means to be a manufacturer in America, especially in today’s crisis. There's a crucial need to come together to support individuals and the world alike, even if the solution is not perfect or something normally in our wheelhouse. 

As such, we are transitioning the sewing lines at our Hedley & Bennett factory in Vernon, CA from making professional grade aprons to making these face masks. These are among the most-needed supplies for healthcare professionals and at-risk individuals.  


This is a pre-order for 20-packs of the face mask (effective unit cost is $14.50 ea.)

If you are interested in fewer quantity, please visit our 1 for 1 page. BUY 1 For 1

For all larger scale needs, orders over 400, please reach out to us at:

Please have patience as we work to get these made and out to where they are needed most. Please expect approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery

Colors and fabrics will change as we move through supplies, so we cannot guarantee specific colors for orders at this time. 


We have developed these masks in concert with Dr. Robert Cho, Chief of Staff of Shriners for Children Medical Center in Pasadena, CA.  

What you’re buying: a washable, reusable cotton fabric face mask. To fit as many faces as possible, the mask is cut generously around the nose and cheek.


  • Insert a filter: Insert a disposable filter cut from accessible materials into the inner pocket of the mask: Look for HEPA grade filters found in air purifiers or air-conditioning units. Vacuum cleaner bags are also very effective, and even disposable paper materials such as coffee filters can be used with varying levels of effectiveness. 
  • Ensure proper fit: To reduce alternative airflow and ensure air flows through the mask and filter, it is recommended to use double-sided tape to secure the mask on the nose and cheeks.
  • Dispose filter & reuse mask: After use, the filter should be disposed and the mask should be washed at high temperature. 


These are NOT direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are NOT FDA approved. 

This is a personal use item and cannot be returned. 

Discounts cannot be applied.


$290.00 USD


  • Products vary; 100% cotton or 60/40 cotton-poly
  • Made in LA
  • Machine Washable
  • One Size Fits All