Have your event at apron HQ

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Hey Squad!
We're so excited to announce our space is available to rent for events!!

Event Space Hedley & Bennett

Workshops, dinners, luncheons, meetings, art shows, community events, you name it - we've definitely had one here.

Here are the specs:

  • 1300 sq. ft. with open layout - very customizable (just like our aprons, heh)
  • Full kitchen with sink, stove, oven, cutting boards.
  • Tons, and we mean TONS of natural light. Great for photos!!
  • Easy loading ramp
  • Mega colorful Apron Factory backdrop

Here's a look at some events we've had at Apron HQ in the past!

Twink & Sis Kids Easter Party

Easter Party

Hedley & Bennett Backlots Party


So, if you're looking for an event space in Los Angeles, H&B has you covered. We're BIG on community and love celebrating the big & the little things with fellow makers & (booty) shakers.

Ready to get the ball rollin'? Email us at - events@hedleyb.com to get started!

Photography by Mary Costa, Morgan Walker