The Go-To Guide for Our Bigger Sizes

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Need a bigger size? We've got you covered (but, really)!! Whether you want that extra length or that wider fit (or even both!), we've got an apron that will do just the trick so you can focus less on what you're wearing and more on your daily hustle! 

Long: 30" x 37"

Clocking in around 4 inches longer than our regular aprons, the Long apron gives you that extra length without the extra width. It's perfect for those taller #apronsquad members that want an apron that hits the perfect spot.

 Big Papa: 35.5" x 37"

The Big Papa is cut both longer and wider for extra coverage so you can feel comfortable with an apron that fits you the way you need it to. Fun fact: Ellen co-designed it with Chef Sang Yoon who actually came up with its lovable name!!

Big Boy: 45" x 44"

The Big Boy is a classic that's actually one of our oldest designs. It's both longer and wider than our classic aprons, making it our roomiest apron yet! Coverage for whoever needs it!

big boy apron extra wide long chef wear

Welcome to the #apronsquad!!!