Makin' Fresh Pasta with Chef Evan Funke

Diane Lieu

If pasta were a person, I'm pretty sure we'd be married. There's just something so inviting, comforting and honestly, transcendent about fresh pasta. Nothing in the world comes close, really...

Fresh pasta

So IMAGINE... it's Sunday morning, 9am and you've just wiped the eye boogers from your eye balls and Pasta Sensei Evan Funke of the soon to open Felix in Venice, is standing there, in your kitchen with his rifle (!!!) case full of pasta tools ready to give you a hands-on pasta tutorial. Holy smokes!!!

Getting that H&B apron on! #apronsquad

Pasta tools Evan Funke

Evan Funke & Ellen Bennett making fresh pasta dough

Oliver the Apron Pig was pretty much circling the kitchen in hopes of any scraps of any kind. #justpigthings #happytogetinontheaction

Oliver the Hedley & Bennett Apron Pig

It's all about the right pressure when rolling dough

Semolina dreams, you guys. The end result was a bowl full of fresh Strascinati cacio e pepe but getting there, we know is half the fun. Evan, with our Apron Lady Ellen Bennett and Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, under his wing made dough from scratch and rolled out some intricate lorighittas, orecchiette, gnocchetti and maccheroni di busa. Try saying that 3 times fast!!!

Rollin' out that dough, go Ellen, go!

Pasta making, as you can tell, can be very serious business!

Ellen Bennett rolling fresh pasta

#ApronSquad Evan Funke cutting fresh pasta

Jeni Britton Bauer, Ellen Bennett, Evan Funke making fresh pasta moves

Evan Funke rolling fresh pasta

Pasta demo with Evan Funke

Thanks, Chef! Can't wait to do this again! And you can bet your rolling pins we'll be down to see you at Felix ASAP!

The final result Evan Funke's Strascinati cacio e pepe