2017's Get In The Kitchen Challenge!

Diane Lieu

Get In The Kitchen Challenge

It's that time of the year again! You made resolutions and now it's time to live up to 'em! And we're here to help 😎 We're partnering with some bad ass chefs who have created challenges that will get you out of your culinary comfort zone all month long!

Starting January 1, every week, our spotlighted chef will dole out 2-3 challenges. Participate & use the hashtag #GetInTheKitchenChallenge to enter. Be sure to tag us too! (@hedleyandbennett)

We'll pick a winner every week and send them our H&B Kitchen Staples - a new apron, pantry items and cookware from some of our favorite brands!

And the end of the 4 weeks, we'll pick one grand prize winner and send them our H&B Kitchen Essentials which includes over $3000 worth of goodies for your future apron adventures! We're talking about stuff from Demeyere, Jacobsen Salt Co., A Heirloom, La Colombe, and others. #almosttoogoodtobetrue

Stay tuned, we'll be posting the challenges on the blog & follow along on our Instagram!!