And the winners are....

Ellen Bennett

Fortunately this year we got to get out there and see it with our own 2 eyes and let me tell you, there were apron squad members left, right and center!!! More of our favorite chefs than you could count. Oh, and the Chicago food scene which was on point!

The awards started in 1990 and since then have boomed into an event like no other. This picks out the best of the best, the cream of the crop in the cooking world! Think Oscars but tastier. Not only was this the 25th anniversary, it was a big year for other reasons as well. For the first time ever, the awards moved from their traditional home in NYC to Chicago. It was so inspiring for us to see such incredible chefs awarded credit for the hard hard work that they put in. It was moving to be part of such an event.

Considering it was a two day trip, it seems nearly impossible that I visited as many restaurants as I did, but like I said, it was on point so how could I not!! Au Cheval... Oh Au Cheval why must you be half the country away? What a meal!! I also made my happy way through Big Star, Spiaggia and G&T Fish and Oysters. There was no stopping me! Then there was The Publican, Publican Quality Meats, Topolobampo, AND A PILE of churros :-) I told you.. no stopping me!!

There's a full list of winners here!!

Also many hugs to some of our apron squad favorites who were honored as nominees. We love them and couldn't be prouder of how hard they work and the AMAZING things they're doing!!

Check them out here!!

Chicago! You better bet I'll be back soon!!