A Mini Apron Squad Launch Party .. aka .. the best day of my life!

Steph Rager

Picture me standing in a tub up to my knees in water balloons, scanning a room filled top to bottom with crafts, gift bags for an army, and an explosion of color. This party was meant to be a "Hey Mini Apron Squad members that didn't even know they were mini apron squad members yet, the time has arrived... no more frilly aprons for you" kind of celebration but to tell you the truth, we decided to throw this crazy soirée partially just because the kids within us would have just as much fun as any mini that attended. Kids arrived, slapped on their apron of choice and were handed a bundle of balloons big enough to lift a small apron lady off the ground. From there, we jammed it in. Cue the tie-dye, fruit prints and cupcakes in ice cream cones, balloons the size of pot-bellied pigs, a collage wall, a 2-year old duo banging a tune out on the piano and, oh yea, my chickens. They're still recovering from the fact that I spontaneously turned them into a diy petting zoo, but when there's 30 kids in aprons, what can you do?

We're loosing-our-minds excited about the new kids line and couldn't have celebrated it any other way than with these maniacs.

Here's some more pics from the party!

Hats off to the amazing sponsors who helped make it "the best day of our lives" (#rubychosays)

Silverlake Wine / Sweet Clementine's Popsicles / Afternoon Faun / Le Creuset & PackIt