The Mario Batali Foundation Apron is here!!

Steph Rager

If you've had a chance to come to visit the Apron Factory, you probably caught a glimpse of our new hand painted "What it means to be an Apron Squad Member" wall. We throw around that term a lot but you've got to understand, it's not just jargon. People deemed as such are a real special kind of person. They are hardworking, never sit on their laurels, and lead by example. They are the cream of the crop! And we aren't just talking about talent from the culinary world. They're are artists, philanthropists, barbers, mechanics, and gardeners. They are tireless and they aren't just doing their job, they are changing this world. We are proud to call this our community and we are especially happy to share when individuals from that community are doing extraordinary things!

Pasta slinging, Italian food loving chef, Mario Batali, has been living the values and philosophy of the Apron Squad for years now but before we even had dreams of changing the world with aprons, Mario was making a difference in his own way. For more than 20 years, he's been going above and beyond, working with a charities and organizations around the world. Then in 2008, he took it to the next level and launched his own foundation that focuses specifically on the needs of children. The Mario Batali Foundation aims their efforts at making sure all kids are well read, well fed and well cared for. They support groups that are building libraries, working to improve childhood literacy, providing nutrition education to low income families and schools, and doing research to beat childhood cancer and other pediatric diseases. They are helping these organizations meet fundamental needs for kids all across our country. 

One of the newly renovated Books for Kids libraries that was funded by the Mario Batali Foundation

Mario reads  one of his favorite childhood books, “Green Eggs and Ham"

When we realized how far the Foundation's reach goes, we couldn't help but get involved. The values that we expect of Apron Squad Members are values that we hold true for ourselves too. There is no sittin' on laurels over here. With the help of Mario's incredible team, we've designed the custom Mario Batali Apron. 25% of all proceeds will go directly to the Mario Batali Foundation. We are proud, not only of what the foundation is doing, but that we have a chance to be involved! Take a peak below at what the foundation has been working on and get YOURSELF involved by grabbing up one of these aprons!

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