NY Now and Where to Munch

Angie Quan

I've been to NYC a thousand times. Love it every time. Obsess over it every time. Eat my way through it every time. But my most recent trip was a learn on your feet and figure shit out as you go sort of trip. Hedley & Bennett had signed up for our first trade show, NY Now at the Javitz Center, and we were New York bound with a pallet full of everything you could think of to set up a booth. For those of you that didn't know that you need to ship a pile of things on a pallet to set up a booth at a trade show, have no fear, because I didn't know it either. But like I said - you learn on your feet and figure shit out. We came off a red-eye from LAX and dove into set-up. 36 hours later, we'd eaten nothing but an industrial sized bag of skittles and had set up a booth that screamed happiness. We had Hedley & Bennett's timeline, the Anatomy of the Apron, and all our newest styles. 

By day, we manned the booth, and visited with some of our favorite shops that are on the apron squad (shout out to Salt & Sundry!!) and at night we ran from restaurant to restaurant cramming in every dish and visit we could manage. Next time you visit any of these restaurants, don't go without trying one of these dishes. They were standouts among standouts.

Upland Restaurant

spicy soppressatta with tomato mozarella and fennel - has just the right amount of spicy, the perfect crunch on the crust, and flavor that will blow your mind

heirloom tomato with lemon cucumber, sesame and flaxseed cracker - the tomatoes alone were so delicious as a single ingredient that they could carry any dish but mix in the brightness of the lemon cucumber and the crunch from the sesame and flaxseed crackers and you have yourself a magical combination.

bucatini cacio e pepe pecorino romano and black pepper - cacio e pepe is one of my newest obsessions and this one...its crazy time.

Betony - the menu frequently changes but if you can snatch up any of these - please do!!

poached lobster with sunflower and turnip - the lobster was juicy and tender and served alongside the heart of a sunflower. We chose it just to try the sunflower and, no surprise, were blown away by the whole dish.

the foie gras (hot) - I can't even come up with words to describe. It was amazing. It stopped me in my tracks. I wanted 7. I only had 1. 

cured snapper with almond and peach -
this is like the perfect mix of sweet, salt, and fishiness. Not bad fishiness - fresh, full flavored, melt in your mouth fishiness.

Untitled at the Whitney

Corn, freekeh, parmesan - gorgeously plated, just the right amount of richness, and a little pop from the freekeh (a grain made from green wheat)

Grilled nectarine toast, almond pesto, ricotta - this might sound like a simple dish but the flavors were so spot on I would order it every time without a second thought. 

Desserts - I can't pick one. Try them all. They are ridiculous.

Russ & Daughters

shtetl - simple and perfect. smoked sable and goat cream cheese on a bagel

everything bagel, pick your own schmear like the scallion, add in some red onion, pastrami cured smoke salmon - just believe me, you'll never want another bagel unless it's this...


Nomad - like eat eating a freaking gourmet meal in the middle of the day

butter poached lobster with corn, peppers, and arugula


Until next time New York...