The Nude Beach Apron is Here!

Angie Quan

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Gray Malin! The Limited Edition Gray Malin X Hedley & Bennett Nude Beach Apron has arrived. Inspired by Gray's 'Barcelona Nude Beach' print - we brainstormed and came up with the coolest of cool aprons that will make everyone everywhere want to be in the kitchen.

Photos by Courtney Perkins

Rewind a second to before when this collaboration even started. Gray Malin, who's taken off like crazy in the world of photography in the last few years meet Ellen Bennett who's taken off like crazy in the world of aprons in the last few years. Gray's known for his aerial shots of the raddest beaches known to man. Umbrella after umbrella after umbrella and you kind of hiccup for a second you want to be vacationing there so bad. Ellen's known for her aprons that, at this point, are worn proudly by hoards of the most badass chefs in the world.

Photo by Courtney Perkins

Ultimately, the common ground wasn't so much about product. It's how spectacular it is to work with people cut form the same cloth. Take a look at Gray's images from the Parker. Or picture a day in the life of an #apronsquadmember at H&B, with repeated rides down the zip-line wearing aprons around your neck like a cape. Every day, and I mean every single one is a freaking adventure. Gray's work, his energy, his shoes, all scream adventure. H&B finds it in literally everything we do. Go find it, create it, relish it.

We hope you enjoy this apron as much as we do. To cooking in style and having a shit ton of fun!

Photo by Courtney Perkins

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #GMxHB #nudechef GIVEAWAY!! The winner is.....IVANSOCAL!!!

We can't wait to see all the beautiful foodie photos you take in your very own Nude Beach Apron! Also... we gotta get Martha in one!!!!