7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Memorial Day Weekend

Katherine Flynn

Listen up, people! The long weekend has finally arrived!! As much as we love Friends reruns as the next person, let's make the most of our extra time as we kick-off BBQ season, warmer nights, and ice cream as a suitable meal anytime of day. We have seven ways to spend the weekend rocking your #apronsquad gear in and outside the kitchen!! We also recommend buying some inflatables, and popsicle molds. You'll thank us later. 

 1. Heat Up The Outdoor Grill 

Photo: Davey Wilson @daveywilson 

With longer nights and farmers markets bursting with amazing produce, heating up the grill is our favorite summer hobby. Our short sleeve Chambray Work Shirt is the perfect transition from BBQ master to dinner guest, trust us, you'll be living in this shirt all summer long. Whip up BA's Snapper with Blistered Bean Salad and Chile Vinegar to inaugurate the first "unofficial" weekend of summer. 

2. Find a New Farmers Market 

Do you have a favorite farmers market to go to each week? Do some research this weekend and find a new one you can explore. Buy a new ingredient, talk to the farmers, and of course, sample all the amazing stone fruit that is just becoming ripe. Fill up your Apolis Market bag and start experimenting in the kitchen. Tag us @hedleyandbennett so we can follow along and share your #apronsquadadventure with the world! 

3. Become a Pastry Master 

Ever wonder how to make the perfect pastry dough? Does the thought of making your own lattice crust freak you out? It's time to put on your badass apron, throw flour all over the kitchen, and get it done. Get the kids in the kitchen with these #miniapronsquad options. If cookie dough is involved, be warned you might end up with less cookies than you thought....

4. Have you Spinned a Pottery Wheel???

Photo: Mary Costa @marycostaphoto

We haven't either, but take a look at that photo! We definitely want to learn someday and why can't someday be today?!? Check out what local potters and craft makers are up to this weekend and maybe you'll end up with your very own shiny ceramic vase, or at least something that resembles a vase. You'll look legit in our potter apron so don't worry too much about the end result. 

5. Al Fresco Dining 

Think about it, is there anything better than sitting around a table on a warm summer night eating amazing food and drinking killer wine with your best buds? If you aren't ready to host your own summer hangout, just pack a picnic or throw an impromptu potluck. Don't forget to use our linen napkins to complete the entire night. Your table should look as good as your apron! 

 6. Become Your Own Bartender

Is that $18 margarita really worth it?? Okay it might be, but save your money and learn how to make your own cocktails this weekend. Besides saving some $$, you'll be skipping the long lines and crazy crowd. Stir, sip and relax with these wine cocktails.

 7. Visit an #ApronSquad Restaurant 

Photo: @ellenmariebennett

Yes, we love grilling and dining at home but we also love a night out on the town. Take a look at our long list of amazing, kickass, incredible (we can keep going) #ApronSquad restaurants and take your pick. From London to La Jolla, we think you'll find one that will hit the spot. Don't forget to tag us @hedleyandbennett and #ApronSquadEats to be featured!