They Give a Damn, You Give a Damn, We All Give a Damn!!!!!

Angie Quan

Being an Apron Squad member means you give a damn! You care about the details, all the way down to where your ingredients come from and how they're made and grown, and how they're sourced. So let me introduce you to a few Apron Squad members that not only give a damn but are total movers and shakers!

Spotlight #1 - The Grain MASTERS - Local farmers Alex Weiser, Jon Hammond and Kimmie Durham.

When I say grain, I don't mean regular old flour that you get at every grocery story on every street corner. I'm talking real, flavorful, Non-GMO Heritage Grains. The grains that the best of the best chefs use when making those pastas and breads and pastries that I almost fall over just thinking about. These three grain masters are starting a movement - -  building a local infrastructure to grow, harvest and promote Heritage Grains. Drought tolerant, delicious, and haven't been altered or hybridized.

Their recently launched project Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project, is raising funds to make this possible for them to purchase the expensive equipment necessary for harvesting, cleaning, and storing the ripened grain. This equipment will make their movement more like a giant leap instead of a tiny little step.

Spotlight #2 - Jason Winters, Chef and Owner of Urban Pie LA.

Take one look at Urban Pie's website and I don't really need to do anything to convince you that they certainly give a damn.

"We are convinced that delicious food is harvested from organic, local and generational producers. We want to share those relationships and our craft to our table."

Chef and owner, Jason Winters can be spotted all over this darn city embodying this belief. He trained under winning chefs like Julian Serrano and Alessandro Stratta, joined Suzanne Goin's team at Lucques and as sous chef, helped her open her restaurant Tavern. You'll spot him slingin pizza's at Alex's Lemonade or hanging at the apron factory, scheming up new ways to help a cause like the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project.... His food makes you say "please can I have 3 more", his team is the kindest crew around, and he's committed to a product that is as good as it possibly can be.


Spotlight #3 - YOU!

You, my friend, are why the hell this all ties together.
Combine a Grain Project, some of the best pizza you've ever had, a couple kegs, and an Apron Factory, and you've got next Thursday, November 12th at 7:30pm. Urban Pie LA and Smog City Brewing Co., (can I mention just one more time how much I freaking love them) will be providing pizza and beer, we'll have a silent auction for items that I'm already considering sneaking away with, and all money collected is going toward the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project. Come enjoy an incredible community, good food, and support a cause that, as a team, we really care about!! Grab your ticket and see you there!!