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100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.











You might have heard a little peep about 100 Layer Cake taking over the Apron Factory just a few short weeks ago. WELL they blogged about it and we want to re-live every minute of that gnocchi, those cocktails, and of course the amazing squad that gussied up and dined amongst the aprons.

100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.

100 Layer Cake X Hedley & Bennett Apron Co.


Read more about this dinner collaboration at 100 Layer Cake: bit.ly/100LCxHBe

Music: instagram.com/djangofoxtrot/

Food: instagram.com/osterialabuca
Coffee: instagram.com/lacolombecoffee/
Cocktails: instagram.com/thewhalingclub
Wine: instagram.com/palminawines
Menus: instagram.com/petitserif/
Decor: instagram.com/sdsocialights instagram.com/casadeperrin instagram.com/yeahrentals

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