14 Reasons Why Hedley & Bennett Aprons Reign Supreme

Tori West

 Hedley & Bennett Aprons Reign Supreme

Aside from a knife, an apron is a chef’s top kitchen companion. It enables a chef to keep her tools at hand, tweezers magically appearing at a moment’s notice. It is a form of identity, differentiating one chef from another. A flash of stripe here, a pop of electric blue there. It is a protective barrier between the sizzling oil and the skin. Aprons are a tool, a necessary instrument for this craft. Something by which a chef can carve out her culinary identity while reaping the functional benefits of a well constructed apron.

 Cafe Clover X Hedley & Bennett

Cafe Clover in our Pho Apron

Blais X Hedley & Bennett

Richard Blais in our Hickory Apron

Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett

Hedley & Bennett Founder and Designer Ellen Bennett

With so many aprons on the market, it can be a confusing choice. It is a crowded market, but we truly believe that Hedley & Bennett aprons are in a league of their own. Below are 14 reasons why Hedley & Bennett Aprons Reign Supreme:


    1. It takes 40 people to make 1 Hedley & Bennett apron….by hand
    2. Owner and Designer Ellen Bennett draws on her own experience as a line chef with each apron design. These are not boutique aprons without function- Hedley & Bennett aprons have made it through the fire of the hottest working kitchens- now that’s good design!
    3. EVERYTHING is made in AMERICA. Period.
    4. Each apron has wide adjustable straps, so you do not have to tie and untie your apron each time.
    5. We hand select awesome, durable fabric from all over the world. Raw Japanese denim, Italian berto, American cone denim are heavy-hitters on our aprons.
    6. Hedley & Bennett supplies over 700 restaurants worldwide. This includes the likes of David Chang, Mario Batali, and Nobu Matsuhisa.
    7. All pockets are reinforced for necessary tools… sharpies and tweezers anyone?
    8. We have a 100% guarantee on our product, so if something happens to your pocket or you spill something on it and it is horribly damaged, we fix it for you no questions asked.
    9. We are no strangers to chef collaborations- most of our top sellers were designed with our favorite badass chefs (Roy Choi, Mario Batali, Ludo Lefebvre, etc.)
    10. H&B apron straps lie flat They DO NOT dig into your neck!
    11.  Hedley & Bennett hand-makes each apron in a funky little factory in LA with a zip line, tree houses and other such shenanigans. Stop by for ice cream and a chance to try on a H&B creation!
    12. We customize. We embroider. We curtail an apron to your needs.
    13. We use entirely sustainable packaging.
    14. It’s not just an apron. It’s a uniform replacement. You don't have to wear an apron and buy your staff uniform. This is it, baby.

And while we admittedly focused on chefs in the list above, Hedley & Bennett aprons are made for creators of all kinds.

Heath Ceramics X Hedley & Bennett

 Heath Ceramics in our Blue Moss Apron

Hazel Mountain Chocolate X Hedley & Bennett

 Hazel Mountain Chocolate in our Ginger Apron

Spoon and Stably X Hedley & Bennett Apron

Spoon and Stable in our Moss Apron

Gardeners, Mixologists, Makeup Artists, At-Home Chefs, Crafters, Florists, you name it!

Hedley & Bennett aprons are the uniforms of creators. Whether you bake soufflés, construct bouquets, or distill bourbon, Hedley & Bennett aprons have you covered.


14 Reasons Why Hedley & Bennett Aprons Reign Supreme