And They're At It Again- Food Network Kids Baking Championship is Back in the Kitchen with H&B!

Tori West

Kid's Baking Championship Wears Hedley & Bennett Aprons!

 At Hedley & Bennett, we are HUGE proponents of teaching younger generations how to cook and feel comfortable in kitchen. That's why when Food Network came calling about an apron collaboration for the latest season of the Kid's Baking Championship, we ran to our drawing boards and sewing machines! 

 If you have yet to become addicted to this show, here is the premise:

1. 10 Kids aged 10-13 with a passion to roll up their sleeves and get in the kitchen

2. Weekly challenges testing the little chefs' abilities to whip up pies, eclairs, macarons, cakes, and cookies....

3. Hosts Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman who will also mentor the aspiring bakers throughout the 8 episodes

4. A $25,000 prize for the top kid baker !!

The premiere kicked off January 4th, but Food Network has you covered with encore replays of the first episode throughout this week

Now- Let Us Introduce You to a Few of the Aspiring Chefs:

Food Network X Hedley & Bennett Tug Boat Apron

Meet Alex P. in the Tug Boat Apron

Food Network X Hedley & Bennett Canary Apron

Meet Jane in our bright and cheery Canary Apron

Food Network X Hedley & Bennett Sweet Pea Jr. Apron

Meet Yashimabet in our sweet-as-pie Sweet Pea Jr. Apron

Food Network X Hedley & Bennett Crew Apron

Meet Mathew in a custom sizing of our classic Crew Apron

Food Network X Hedley & Bennett CB Apron

Meet Emma rockin' our C.B. Apron 

We wish the contestants all the best, and commend them on their choice to spend time creating crazy concoctions in the kitchen. Well played.

As for us, we will be tuning in with the rest of you each week for the Kids Baking Championship. We realize in this digital world that fewer kids are getting their hands dirty with crafts and creative outlets. 

As a result, we strive to do our part and inspire kids to go all-in with their science projects, picture collages and dioramas. You can find our custom-made kids line here for the perfect barrier between their clothes and the paint. 

 All Pictures Are the Property of Food Network