Week 2- #GetIntheKitchen Giveaway with CHEF CHRIS COSENTINO!

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Chris Constentino X Hedley & Bennett Aprons
Photo credit Josh Telles - Life & Thyme
Week 1 of our #GetIntheKitchen Challenge ended with a BANG and it is OUR pleasure to announce the Week 2 Collaborator - Chef CHRIS COSENTINO!
Home State: Rhode Island
Restaurant Rap Sheet: Rubicon, Chez Panisse, Incanto, Cockscomb, Boccalone
Title: Winner of Top Chef Masters 
Books: Beginnings: My Way to Start a Meal
Handles: @OffalChris
Passions: Cooking Nose to Tail, Mountain Biking, Endurance Rides
At Hedley & Bennett, we fully understand that a culinary career is often a whirlwind. We sat down to chat with Chris about favorite recipes, New Year's resolutions and this week's challenge.
Chris, you have carved a name for yourself as being a fan of offal, farm to table and local ingredients. Do you have a particular recipe or food that inspired you?
I don't have one favorite recipe, but a collection of many different dishes that have shaped me over the course of my life. My great grandmother Rosalie's tripe continues to be a favorite one. As a child I hated offal cuts, but as I got older, that dish became a real game changer in flavor and texture for me. It made me appreciate the often overlooked cuts of meat. 

Another favorite is the simple clam chowder, a New England classic. In my house, as a kid, our clam chowder was a different beast -- we would dig clams with my grandmother then steam them in beer to start the base of the chowder. We would never use cream. Instead, we'd start it off with a broth base. 

That sounds incredibly delicious. Because this Hedley & Bennett giveaway is inspired by New Year's resolutions, would you mind sharing one of your 2016 goals?

My New Year's resolution is to have more balance in my life, whether that's riding my bike or spending time with my family, to give me more clarity and focus in the work I do each day. 

I like that. For most people gaining balance would entail spending more time in the kitchen with family. Can you describe your 3 challenges for this week?


The idea of getting back in the kitchen for most people has become a scary or pricey thought, and many people lack the time to serve the best food to their families. So I thought it'd be great to share a challenge for those who are nervous about going back into the kitchen and cooking at home, and have them work with an ingredient that can be used throughout 3 separate meals. 

Here is the challenge: With 1 whole chicken (guts and all), you must make 3 complete meals that can feed 2 people with each meal. What constitutes a complete meal? On top of the chicken, that includes local vegetables and produce to make a balanced meal.


Each weekly challenge is independent from previous weeks- so if you are new, jump on the Apron Squad wagon and start cooking up a storm!

Prizes are awarded each week based upon:

1. Following @hedleyandbennett and @offalchris on Instagram 

2. Posting creative pictures of the weekly challenges (all 3) and tagging Chris, Hedley & Bennett and #GetIntheKitchen on Instagram

This Week's Prize: A Signed Copy of Chris' rockstar cook book: Beginnings, My Way To Start a Meal and a couple of culinary surprise gifts from Hedley & Bennett (to be announced later in the week!) 

Make Sure to Follow Chris to see how he handles the challenges throughout this week. 

Contest Runs through Sunday the 17th at 10 PM PST. 

Limited to continental US *excluding Alaska and Hawaii
Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping processing
Submit entries for all 3 weekly challenges by Sunday at 10pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).
Winners announced the following Monday by 3pm PST here on the blog.

Want More Chris? (We Know You Do). Check Out His Offal Good Site Here.