Stain, Stain, Go Away- 6 Secrets to Getting those Damn Stains Out of Your Aprons!

Tori West

Hedley & Bennett Stain Removal Guide

 So, you've been through the trenches with your apron. Pasta night. Your best friend's potluck. A cookie baking marathon. And now you're left with a big, fat greasy stain on your beloved Hedley & Bennett Apron. Thank God the ampersand tag was left unscathed! But still...what's a cook to do?

Have no fear, Hedley & Bennett is here with our tried and true stain remedies!

Here is a list of the worst culinary offenders (as far as stains are concerned) and the Hedley & Bennett Apron Stain Removing Guide.  

1. Wine, Vino, the Nectar of the gods

Hedley & Bennett Wine Stain Removal

Red Solution: Blot first with a damp towel and follow up with a little white wine (we kid you not). If that darn merlot stain remains, apply baking soda for twenty minutes and remove with a clean damp towel.

White Solution: Lightly dab your Pino Grigio splash with water and clear dish soap. Remove with a damp cloth.  

2. Coffee, Tea, our Caffeinated Muses 

Coffee X Hedley & Bennett

Solution: Throw a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray the offender and alternate with dabbing a wet, clean cloth onto the stain. Finish with a couple of spritzes of diluted ammonia (1 tablespoon ammonia /1 cup of water) and a few more dabs with the clean, wet towel!

3. The Greasy Bits, Salad Dressing, Pizza, Life Itself 

Hedley & Bennett Pizza

Solution: Cornmeal or Talc. Sprinkle either over your Hedley & Bennett Apron's new love spot. Remove with a dry cloth.

4. Chocolate, the Dark Temptress, Our Kryptonite

Hedley & Bennett X Guittard Chocolate

Solution: Scrape off any chocolate remnants still on your H&B apron ( a plastic knife is good for this, not a tongue). Mix together 10 oz of water with 1 tablespoon clear soap in a spray bottle and apply to stain. Finish off by placing a little detergent directly onto the stain before washing. 

5. Mustard, our Trusted Hamburger Companion

Hedley & Bennett X Shake Shack

Solution: See chocolate above. Same rules apply.

6. Beer, Bubbly Excitement in a Bottle

Solution:  Have your H&B apron soak in a tub of 2 cups cold water and 1/4 cup white vinegar. Beer be gone! 

Now of course this is the short list of the biggest apron offenders (most of it honed from personal experience!)

What did we miss? Leave a comment to tell us what's on your H&B apron (that you would like to get off).