A Crazy Career Day with OH JOY at the Apron Factory!!

Tori West

Oh Joy X Hedley & Bennett

We had a BIG DAY at the apron factory this February! The colorful and creative Joy Cho brought her little ones in for the day, and it was EPIC.

Joy, founder and designer of the blog and brand Oh Joy! has been an Apron Squad Member from early on. The baton was passed to her kids once they grew old enough to throw on an apron without it grazing the ground!

As a way to show her little ones AWESOME potential career paths, Joy visits her various pals at work for an unofficial, official Career Day. 

Ruby and Joy have been by the Apron Factory before for Career Day, but this day was different. 

Oh Joy Career Day Hedley & Bennett 

At the ripe age of 4, Ruby designed HER OWN apron. There were a lot of choices to make (color, fit, pockets, ampersand color), but Ruby was up for the task and rocked the design process like a champ.  

For more details and a fabulous interview on how Ellen built Hedley & Bennett from the ground up, view Oh Joy's post here!

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Oh Joy! Career Day at the Factory 

 Photos from Part 1/design by Casey Brodley and photos from Part 2/final apron by Bob Cho}