A Day In The Life // Meet Liv, Exec Assistant to the Boss

Guest Writer

This week, we've decided to feature bad ass women in workwear... Namely some of the cool ladies that work at the H&B headquarters. Because ladies run the world... a lot of them are also helping run this company! 💪🏻

Meet Liv, exec assistant and head-scheduler-in-charge to our founder. Mom to 3 kids, this athlete/personal-trainer-in-hiding is known for her marathon email sessions and can be seen moving from room to room, a highly motivated blur on a mission (get Ellen to her next meeting on time!)

5:30 am- Wake up and dig through emails with one eye open.

6:00 am- Workout ...or pretend to.

6:30 am- Read...anything non work related… a newspaper, the bible, a comic book. ANYTHING!

7:00 am- Shower

7:15 am- Wrestle with all three of the kids to drag them out of bed and negotiate to get them to put on their clothes, brush their teeth, and eat their breakfast.

8:30 am- Dropping the kids off at camp and embarrassing them with smothering kisses.

9:00 am- Get to office, coffee in one hand, phone in the other answering texts and emails.

9:15 am- After breezing through 100 yes’s, no’s, and let me check on that’s with the 10 people I pass before I get to my desk, I stare at a wall for 2 minutes.

9:17 am-5:00 pm- Tornado through my day...answering emails, coordinating schedules, managing projects, dragging CEO from one room to another, at some point inhaling a sandwich or a piece of lettuce until the final crack of the whip when I sprint out of the door before anyone notices I’m leaving.

5:30 pm- Pick up smiling, sweaty kids from camp and drive home while listening to the most adorably outlandish stories of what had to be an imaginary day from my 3 munchkins.

6:00 pm- Get home and head straight to my bed until I’m stopped by expertly negotiating children who either convince me to take them out to get ice cream, ride bikes, or walk around the block for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

7:00 pm- In my exhausted mom fog, finally get back home with even sweatier, stinky kids now with some layer of sugar or dirt added to their ensemble and shove them in the bathtubs while I get dinner prepared.

7:45 pm- Set up the table with my babes and have the most hilarious reality show worthy conversations about life, art, the mysteries of the universe and super hero trivia.

8:30 pm- Play some weird made up game or an improvised version of one of our favorite board games while watching Batman Beyond or some other superhero cartoon.

9:15 pm- Repeat the words “go pee and brush your teeth” at least 5 times before finally wrestling my little ones back to their beds while humoring their final thoughts of the day.

9:30 pm- Tuck my babes in and fall asleep while I sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which they’ve given the name “The Bird Song” since they were babies.

10:15 pm- Wake up from the surprise power nap I had on my kids’ floor, clean up the house, and “relax” on my couch while Netflix watches me, and I get back to some emails.

Sleep happens sometime around 1:00 am-ish, and then I wake up and do it all over again!

Liv is rockin' our short sleeve work shirt in CHAMBRAY.