A rainy edition of the #BennettBrunches with Anya Fernald

Ellen Bennett
Sunday was one of those magical days in LA when it rains and pours yet in proper California style the weather channel didn't even know it was gonna happen. It just started raining all of the sudden right after we had lit our fire pit and fired up the grill out in the backyard. So our Belcampo x #bennettbrunches became anything but ordinary!
We created a grilling station on our fire pit, threw some cast iron pans on it, grilled bacon, then zucchini, asparagus, carrots in the bacon fat. We ended up having to create a cover with a blanket over the tree to cover the bacon were grilling that rained on.
Meanwhile inside, Anya the bad ass behind Belcampo, one of the best butcher shops & meat producers in the world, was inside showing some of our wonderful friends from NYC Amy + Patrick the two genius's behind Spring Street Social Society and our favorite potter Robert Siegel, who by the way made all the beautiful plates we ate brunch off of. We stuffed the sausage into the casing, made pin wheels with rosemary.
Belcampo Meats Sausage
Head over to the kitchen and we had our friend Besha from LA Weekly making a berry loaf that was to die for! We also had pomegranate citrus salad being made from scratch, an apple tart and fresh rolls! Let's just say the the kitchen smelled amazing!
Ellen Bennett Frittata
I made two different frittatas, which is my favorite thing to make for brunches. So easy, just thrown in a bunch of ingredients with eggs whipped up in a cast iron pan and pop it in the oven. I did one with onions, peppers and a bunch of herbs from the back yard. I put a ton of chives in towards the end so it was sprinkled with a green confetti on top. Then I did another one with the asparagus we cooked in the bacon fat from the bacon we grilled on the fire! Mmmmm so good. Honestly you can throw together an amazing meal by making a frittata from left over veggies in your fridge! Scrappy but so good! 
#BennettBrunches x ANya Fernald Belcampo
So in addition to all this cooking, when we had thought it had stopped raining, our friend Raychel from Rolling Greens came by with succulent stuffed pumpkins for the perfect friendsgiving table decor! We decorated the tables outside with our table runners but put them across the tables crossed over each other to add some spice to our regular table setting. Annnnnd of course after we had this beautiful table setting all decorated, it started pouring rain!!!!! So we all quickly grabbed what we could fit into our hands and brought everything inside. Oliver of course grabbed some of the mini pumpkins which he thoroughly enjoyed eating as his lunch!
Rolling Greens succulents
We piled all the food onto the table, our hair frizzy and smelling of smoke and enjoyed our home cooked friendsgiving brunch. Just goes to show that you can still have a good time despite a rainy day in LA!
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