An Apple A Day . . .

Katherine Flynn

I think we can all agree, we're ready for Fall. Summer is great with longer nights and warmer weather but there's just something special about the upcoming season. Maybe it's the trees changing colors or the fact we can finally wear sweaters without breaking a sweat. One of my favorite things about Fall is the introduction of seasonal recipes (and I can turn on my oven without heating up my whole apartment).

From roasted root veggies to warm cinnamon-scented apple pie, Fall food equals comfort food. We asked our staff at the Apron HQ what apple recipes they are most excited for in honor of our new GALA apron that reminds us of all the best parts of autumn. Slow-cooked stews, friendsgiving dinners and cozy flannels included. 

Apple Pie

Photo: Bon Appetit 

It might be the most obvious recipe but the real question here was, a la mode or just a solo slice? Overall, a side of ice cream was the clear winner. No matter the weather, ice cream is always a good idea. Also, let's be honest cold apple pie for breakfast is probably the best thing on the planet. 

Caramel Apples 

This was mentioned by our shipping manager who doesn't whip up his own homemade caramel but if you're up for the challenge check out the recipe here. Plus, you can customize each apple with different toppings - crushed Reeses anyone!?

 Skillet Apple Pork Chops

Photo: Cooking Light, Hector Manuel Sanchez

Apples aren't just for desserts or snacks. This one pot dish will impress anyone, even if you're serving up some of the most badass #ApronSquad members. Think of this as the grown-up version of apple sauce and pork chops - you'll be scraping the bottom of the dish, trust us. 

Apple Crisp

Another office controversy. Apple pie or apple crisp? Two VERY different desserts but according to our staff equally as great. We got a lot of "Hmmm that's really hard" answers when tasked to choose between the two. In a pinch, this Apple Crisp will never fail you. Thanks again, Barefoot Contessa for making us look good. 

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