Apron Squad Highlight // Rose Lawrence!

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We're really lucky. We have a community unlike any other. The Apron Squad, as we call it, is compiled of a ton of chefs, makers, craftsmen and creative types from all of the world. They're hustlers who are passionate about their craft and it reaaaally really shows. 

Last week, the inimitable Rose Lawrence of Red Bread origin came into the Apron HQ and was immediately recognizable, with her bright red lips and bright smile. She's an OG member of the squad and a frequent face on our social channels. 

rose lawrence pastry chef manuela los angeles

Rose is wearing our latest apron design, FRANCIS, which is made with a dark navy + white houndstooth pattern! 

Her kitchen was filled with light and art on the walls. She and her partner had moved in a little over a year ago, settling into the Pasadena home with their two dogs, Honey and Blue.

home chef pastry kitchen

We talked about Red Bread, her passion project turned full blown business. They scored nominations and awards Best Pie, Best Rye and Best Cookie and were featured by several media outlets like the LA Times, LA Weekly and Tasting Table. Their focus was on whole, natural foods like stoneground grains and wild yeasted sourdoughs. She has a clear passion for pastry, telling us her story as she moves swiftly through her kitchen, grabbing ingredients from shelves, cabinets and bins without breaking eye contact. 

baking apron houndstooth

Red Bread was a fun project and a huge learning experience but she's shelved the project in order to expand her repertoire, having taken on a full time pastry chef position at Manuela, a charming new-ish restaurant located in the Downtown LA Arts District that serves Southern food with an LA twist. 

rose lawrence blue

Rose's passion for food and pastry is so evident and we're so stoked to have someone like her wearing our aprons loud & proud!