Aprons for Men: The Perfect Hedley & Bennett Apron for Everyone in Your Life

Hedley & Bennett

There’s no better gift for the man in your life than a really good apron. He’ll use it (and think of you) every day, making it the gift that keeps giving throughout the years. 

Whether you’re looking for general cooking aprons for men, or need something more specific like a bbq aprons for men like your grill loving dad, a leather mens apron for your crafting brother in law, or simply beautifully designed aprons for men personalized with your loved one’s initials or a special phrase, Hedley & Bennett has got you covered.

To help seal the deal, we’ve put together a handy gift guide of the best mens aprons for every type of guy—so scroll on and discover a gift he’ll never forget.



The perfect apron for every man in your life!


The Bread Bro

It all started out so innocently. Maybe it was a pandemic hobby when he couldn’t find yeast. Maybe he stumbled across fermentation YouTube. But these days, your favorite bread bro can be found surrounded by starters of all descriptions, bringing loaves to his loved ones and braving the heat of his apartment stove or backyard pizza oven in pursuit of the perfect crust.

He needs a baking apron for men as hardcore as he is. Regular aprons for men are too small to handle all that loose flour, so scale up with an oversized mens apron style with our Big Apron in Char. The Oversized style makes perfect kitchen aprons for men who like to get their hands (and clothes) dirty, while the charcoal hue pays homage to his favorite cast iron pizza peel.

The Rock N Roller

For this improvisational chef, what’s playing on the stereo is just as important as what’s simmering on the stove. He likes to keep it fast and loose, combining unexpected flavors and dreaming up wild combinations as delicious as they are surprising, pairing Salt-n-Pepa with Cake in his mixes and in the kitchen. 

No basic apron for men will do—this freewheeler needs mens cooking apron styles as fun as he is, which means the collaborative Deadly and Bennett Grateful Dead inspired Tie Dye Bears style is just right. Make his day by creating personalized aprons for men and embroidering a reminder to Keep on Truckin’ on the lapel. 

The House Chef

From packing lunches to breakfast in bed, this accomplished culinary artist does it all. He loves to unwind at the end of a long day by whipping up something delicious, and has a phone full of bookmarked recipes to pull from.He even probably already has a go to man apron—probably something tragically threadbare and handed down from his mom.

Upgrade your favorite culinary king with our ever popular Big Apron in Denver. While they might not be cheeky sexy aprons for men, we think this style of mens kitchen aprons is alluring enough to bring extra heat to any kitchen. As hardworking and good looking as your favorite chef, it’s an instant culinary classic designed to brighten up his day, and the perfect way to say thank you for all those delicious snacks.

The Do It All Dad

Rarely without his kitchen helpers, this chef is adept at sneaking a little extra finely chopped veggies into his famous mac n cheese. His PB&J recipe is the stuff of pillow fort legends, and he knows his way around the snack aisle like a pro. He needs funny mens aprons that will delight and surprise his pint sized co chefs, without compromising on quality.

Meet his fun loving spirit mens novelty aprons as energetic and gleefully silly as he is—the perfect pairing for all that finger food! The Hedley & Bennett colab with Sesame Street has a ton of great funny aprons for men that will get the little ones laughing their way through an extra vegetable or two, including the fabulous Essential Cookie Monster Apron, the perfect pairing for this fun loving chef.

The Grill God

He could talk for hours about charcoal vs. propane, the relative virtues of dry vs. traditional brines. He’s on a first name basis with your neighborhood butcher, and probably owns an admirable set of knives. At cookouts you can find him posted up by a grill, a spatula in one hand and a beer in the other, his admirers hovering around him as he fans the flames.

This grill god needs a mens grilling apron as serious as his commitment to the art of bbd. The Jack Essential Apron takes the classic visual appeal of a mens denim apron, and elevates it with H&B signature touches like big pockets, a towel loop, and super comfy straps. It’s a bbq apron for men that’s multifunctional enough to meet his needs, but stylish enough to look good at the party. Pairs well with warm sun and a cold beer.

The Som

Never without the perfect sip, this wine loving cook is always on the lookout for the next great glass. He loves trying new recipes to discover their pairing possibilities, and is adventurous in his pursuit of flavor. From touring vineyards with friends to arranging at home wine dinners to show off his favorite find, the som loves bringing drama to the table.

The Hedley & Bennett Waxman men's apron in Napa Valley is named for his favorite region and tinted his favorite hue. Plus, the spill proof wax coating on this cooking apron for men makes it the perfect choice for pouring tableside. Embroider the front with his favorite merchant abbreviation to create the ultimate personalized mens aprons for your favorite wine lover.

The Social Star

He claims to have downloaded TikTok out of innocent curiosity, but what started as simple scrolling has quickly become an obsession. He’s made all the vital recipes—from pancake cereal to that legendary simple salmon bowl—and is always on the lookout for more. With a phone in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other, he needs a mens chef apron that can keep up!

We partnered with our personal favorite TikToker to make the best apron for men who love to cook for an audience, the All Day Crossback in our special Sad Papi design. H&B’s first chef in residence has designed the apron of his papitas’ dreams, elevating the basic mens black apron with a custom potato illustration guaranteed to win hearts and likes in the internet and IRL.


The perfect apron for every man in your life!


The Woodsman

Going to the grocery store is cooking on easy mode for this intrepid chef. His favorite ingredients are chanterelles and fresh salmon pulled right from the stream, or a side of venison bubbling on the stove with fresh juniper berries. His most prized possession is a camping stove. He doesn’t consider a meal complete unless at least some of it comes from the great outdoors!

Hardy mens work aprons would get the job done, but this hard working culinary explorer deserves well designed men's aprons as tough as mens leather apron designs but much more practical. The Waxman Apron in Woodland Camo is tough enough to meet his energy, with an outdoors inspired print he’ll love. Transform this design into custom mens aprons by embroidering it with his own personal brand, right above the heart.

The Crafter 

This chef isn’t happy unless they’re getting messy, ideally with the protection of a mens shop apron. Whether it’s creating edible glitter, dreaming up creative combos of seasonings and spices, or crafting natural dyes from beet skins and cabbage scraps, they love dreaming up a culinary challenge—the more adventurous, the better!

The crafter needs aprons that combine the practicality of classic shop aprons for men with the boldness of their personal style. The Tie Dye Apron in a bold lapis hue is the perfect fit—with bright splashes of color, and a smorgasbord of functional design touches. These mens aprons with pockets pack enough room to carry supplies wherever their adventures may take them, from the craftroom to the kitchen and beyond.


The perfect apron for every man in your life!


The Sophisticate

His recipes are inspired by his world travels, and the fabulous dishes he’s eaten in every city. He’s never afraid to sample a new flavor, or dream up a dinner party inspired by a movie, book, or hard to find ingredient. He’s an explorer, an adventurer, and a raconteur, fearlessly stylish and an excellent host.

Make sure his outfit is as sophisticated as his cooking by gifting him an ultra stylish men's cooking apron like our Essential Apron in Palm. These mens kitchen apron designs are effortlessly cool, the ideal compliment for any outfit. Create mens personalized aprons by embroidering it with his initials, because you know this globetrotter loves a monogram!

Now that you’ve explored the world of male apron lovers, it’s time to get shopping! Whatever culinary style of the man in your life, you’re sure to find the perfect design to make his day. Explore the collection to find the perfect gift for your man’s birthday, father’s day, or milestone celebration. And if he decides to express his gratitude in the form of a fabulous meal, we’ll consider that a just reward for your masterful apron shopping prowess!