Chefs Cycle 2017 🚴‍ Raising Money for No Kid Hungry

Marisa Guerra

3 days, 300 miles, and lots of money raised for No Kid Hungry?! Sign us up!!! 📋  Chefs Cycle is a bicycle ride all about fighting childhood hunger outside of the kitchen by bringing together hustlers from the food industry, and we couldn't be bigger fans of this awesome event 💪

Photo: @zachcanning

During this year's Chefs Cycle, culinary experts rode from May 16-May 18 throughout Santa Rosa, CA and ended up raising over $2 million!!💥  That means 20 million meals were donated to kids in need!!! How awesome is that?!! 🙌  

Photo: @natalierstarr

Our very own founder & boss lady Ellen Bennett was out there for the second year in a row, pedaling up those hills and riding along with other road warriors, and we couldn't be more proud. 

Photo: @ellenmariebennett

"I knew that this experience was going to be amazing but I walked out being so grateful for all the people I met and/or already knew. Every day counts and every opportunity counts. We have life at our disposal, it’s just a matter of what we do with it."

Photo: @chefscycle

Catch a glimpse of this year's ride here!

Want to ride along with us next year? Interested in learning more about No Kid Hungry? Check it out!