Marshmallows + Father's Day + Chef Cyrille + The Apron Factory = Awesomeness

Diane Lieu

We all know some of our best childhood memories are in the kitchen with our dads. So we asked Chef Cyrille Pannier of the Beverly Hills Four Seasons to come to Apron HQ with his awesome daughter, Eloise and cook up her favorite dish - which happened to be MARSHMALLOWS (For the recipe, just scroll down!)

Eloise breaks some eggs with her dad, Chef Cyrille Pannier

Gelatin for the rose marshmellows

Adding in the pink colorant

The pink marshmellow mixture is ready to be set

Clearly, Eloise has the right idea.

Father and daughter hard at work

Faces of intense concentration. The marshmellow business can be a tough one!

Rolling out the marshmellows in powdered sugar

Marshmellows Ready for the bonfire

Roasted Rose Water Marshmallows

Eloise's Rose Marshmallows

(About 80 pieces)

3/4 cup of water
3 oz glucose
2lb granulated sugar
4 oz gelatin
Few drops of purple food colorant 
1/4 cup rose water or orange flower water
Confectionner's sugar and cornstarch (mixed in equal parts)
Soften gelatin sheets in cold water
Mix water, glucose and sugar and heat to 266F 
In the meantime beat the egg whites and dissolve the gelatin in the warm rose water
Slowly add the cooked sugar and glucose to the beaten egg whites and beat to stiff peaks
Next, fold in the gelatin-rose water mixture and colorant as if preparing an Italian meringue. Beat this batter until warm and stiff.
Mix some confectioner sugar and corn starch in equal parts. Evenly dust the frame in which the candy will be molded with this mixture. Pour the marshmallow batter in the frame, smooth the surface and cover with a fine film of sugar/starch mixture
Let cool, un-mold and cut in dices or any shape you like. 
& They're ready to eat!!
Wrap and store in a dry place any leftovers.
Make these with your mini Apron Squad members and tag us in your photos! 
Happy Father's Day, dads!!