Ellen At USC!

Diane Lieu

What do you get when you put a class of 40 USC students and Ellen Bennett together? Ideas run amok. Professor Rook Campbell of the University of Southern California invited Ellen to create an assignment for the students and then to come & hear their pitches. She started off telling her story as an untraditional entrepreneur before a quick Q&A session. 

Ellen Bennett handmade chef wear

Then it was presentation time. The assignment was as follows:
You are to develop an original pitch for an adaption or new collaboration for Hedley & Bennett. As you create your campaign, you have been given license to put your imagination and hand in the redesign of the apron and innovation of a related, but entirely, new work wear product if you so choose.

usc ellen bennett aprons chef wear cook wear apron

The students took turns and came up in teams, presenting their idea and getting questions from the Apron Lady herself. "What activations would you use to promote this product?" "What channels do you think would be most successful for this?" "How do could you bring this to market?"

university of southern california kitchen

It was great to see their minds at work, taking into consideration the market and demand. Can't wait for next semester's assignment!