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It’s been a couple years (too many) since I was last in Portland. The city of spectacular beer selections, very intentional food sourcing and a general spirit of irreverence. All things I love.
Tori West Marketing Director Hedley & Bennett
We literally jumped up and down when we first partnered with the lovely folks at Feast. It's truly awesome to work with brands that prioritize giving back to their community (Feast has donated more than $300,000 to end childhood hunger with Partners For a Hunger Free Portland).
This year we conspired to make a rad apron together. Neon is involved and all proceeds go to Partners For a Hunger Free Portland
We'll also be setting up at Smoked!  Between the Bulleit and the BBQ we'll have an epic apron tent at the event (which wouldn't be complete without a hammock- you heard us, we're bringing a tent and hammock). Super psyched to see that John Gorham will be cooking at this event- our Lead Designer brought home his book Toro Bravo: Stories. Recipes. No Bull. from his last Portland trip and we have been fangirling ever since. 
Our Apron Boss Ellen Bennett will also be judging the Sandwich Invitational. Shout out to Tony Cervone who changed my world at Souvla last November (3-day SF trip + 2 meals at Souvla = not enough Souvla). Very excited for this event.
See below for the things I will definitely be taking along for the trip. I'm banking on spending the majority of my time at the festival, but probably will sneak away to a couple Portland favorites (listed below).
FEAST Hedley & Bennett Packing List
-Book: Off-Centered Leadership by Sam Calagione- Ellen lent this to me (and Marc Vetri gave it to her). I am a die-hard DFH girl (it’s also punkin ale season y’all. You know I already snagged a 6-pack at Whole Foods). 
-H&B Hat: I stole the sample of this off our production line. Yep! We're R&D-ing hats right now, so you can expect that in your Christmas stocking
-RP Socks: Best ankle accessories around. I practically live in their socks September-March (AKA non-sandal season in LA) and cannot wait for our Fall collaboration to launch. (!!!) Chef socks coming. 
-Peppermint Spray: Not a huge fan of gum. Also good palette cleanser between bites.
-Bose Headphones: I take my audio intake very seriously- especially while traveling. Also a great way to decompress after a day of festivities. 
-Animal Bandages: a friend brought these back from Iceland due to my habit of incurring random scratches and scars and propensity to opt for insufficient makeshift bandages. Better to be preemptive and bring the band aid tin along for the ride. 
-Business Cards+ Ampersand Pins
-Polka Pants:  Chef trousers built for women. I am in them 99% of the time I'm at a food festival or work event. The wine glass print is on my Christmas list already. 
-Vans: the official shoe of H&B employees. Also one of the comfiest options for trekking around PDX. 
-Patagonia Pack Out Tights: these are a new addition to the T-West wardrobe. I was particularly intrigued by the plethora of zippers and pockets. My goal in life is to never have to carry a purse. These bad boys were immediately ear-marked for Feast and an upcoming XX concert. 
*Apron Tent not included.
PDX Hit List:
-Tusk. Our Senior Account Manager Marissa highly recommends this for dinner. Done. 
-Paley's Place. West Family recommendation, it also just seems like the right thing to do. 
-Zoiglhaus. You bet I found one of the only German beer halls in Portland. Now if they only had Rotkohl to go with that Kölsch...
We're super excited to hit the PDX tarmac next week. What am I forgetting? Where else should we go? Comment below if you have any PDX recs.