Fighting the Good Fight!

Diane Lieu

With all the things happening in the world, we as the Apron Squad are focusing on creating goodwill, helping others be the best they can be and bringing together our resources to create positive change.

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This February, our theme is: Be An Amazing Co-pilot. It could mean giving someone a handwritten note, being honest with them & offering thoughtful feedback on something, taking a moment to teach someone something new, or just giving them a hug when they need it - it's the little things that make us better people. Amazing co-pilots make it happen and brighten people's day. And that's what the Apron Squad is all about. They need it and you'll love it, scout's honor.

To further our efforts, we're raising money for the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU's mission is to defend and preserve the rights of every person in this country. This is something we whole-heartedly support. So we did a small run of Apron Squad crew neck sweaters and we're donating the proceeds! 

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Follow along our our Instagram Story @hedleyandbennett & #ApronSquadCrushes2017! We hope it inspires you too! Thanks for being a part of our Apron Squad!