Get COLORFUL - Fruit Recipes You Need To Try

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We're BIG¬†fans of color here at The¬†Apron HQ, so when the idea for our COLOR Collection came about, it just made sense, especially since each apron is inspired by¬†a different kind of fruit. We pulled together some of our favorite recipes for these badass¬†fruits so you can totally crush it the next time you're in the kitchen with them! ūüôƬ†


Imagine a fruit with hints of pineapple, banana, strawberry and papaya all put together and...BAM!!! Cherimoyas! They're actually nicknamed "the custard apple" for a reason...once you toss the toxic seeds and skin, you can turn the velvety inside into everything from smoothies to sorbets to this delicious Raw Cherimoya Custard Pudding. YUM!

Photo: Unconventional Baker


Quinces are like the long lost cousin of apples and pears, and are known for their sweet flavor, fragrant scent, and pink color once you cook them. The coolest part? The leftover syrup you get after cooking them is super sweet and can be stirred into drinks, topped over desserts name it!!  

Photo: The Kitchn


ÔĽŅSatsumas are in the mandarin orange family and are actually named after a Japanese province.¬†They're like a sweeter version of tangerines or clementines, so why not¬†pair them¬†with a little bit of tequila and some lime juice like in this badass¬†Satsuma Orange Margarita? We'll wait for you to think of a reason ūüćĻ

Photo: PBS

Concord Grapes

Concord grapes gave us that classic grape juice and jelly that we all grew up with as kids, but did you know that they're named after a village in Massachusetts where they were first grown in 1849? We're liking the idea of baking them into a¬†Concord Grape Pie¬†right about now and topping it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream ūüćá

Photo: Saveur


ÔĽŅDon't let the hairy, bright red outside of rambutans scare¬†you, they're actually really sweet and absolutely delicious! They're native to Southeast Asia, and if you're ever had lychee fruit, you'll recognize this similar, but more tart flavor.¬†Plus, they're in season now so it's the perfect time to whip up this awesome¬†Summer Rambutan Curry!

Photo: Saveur

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